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Florida Forest Service Lee Williams Road Fire 9:30 a.m. Update

Post Date:03/09/2017

Location:           Picayune Strand State Forest in Naples, Florida

Acreage:            7,500 approximately

Fire Started:      Sunday 3/5/17: 2pm

Cause:                Under Investigation

Containment:   50%

Weather:           Light winds coming out of the northeast and forecasted to shift out of the west

Night Operations:

Winds have continued to die down allowing firefighters an opportunity to concentrate on containment and improving lines.  Firefighters worked throughout the night to minimize smoke on the road and mitigate any potential road closures.   


Tactics today include proactively monitoring areas around structures located in and around the wildfire while working to increase containment.


Evacuations have been lifted for Forest Glen, Club Naples RV Park, Panther Walk RV Park and Horse Stables in the Picayune Strand State Forest including Triple V and M & H Stables.

When re-entering your community after a wildfire:

  • Use caution and exercise good judgment when re-entering a burned wildland area. Hazards may still exist, including hot spots, which can flare up without warning.
  • Avoid damaged or fallen power poles or lines, and downed wires. Immediately report electrical damage to authorities. Electric wires may shock people or cause further fires. If possible, remain on the scene to warn others of the hazard until repair crews arrive.
  • Be careful around burned trees and power poles. They may have lost stability due to fire damage.
  • Watch for ash pits and mark them for safety. Ash pits are holes full of hot ashes, created by burned trees and stumps. You can be seriously burned by falling into ash pits or landing in them with your hands or feet. Warn your family and neighbors to keep clear of the pits.
  • If a power line or pole should fall next to you, hop out of the area. You are less likely to be shocked if you are hopping.


Rekindling can occur if the wildfire is burning below the surface level in compact decomposing vegetation or decaying tree stumps/logs are smoldering. If the wildfire is not constantly patrolled, monitored and mopped-up then a wildfire can re-kindle. A good indicator of this occurring is puffs of smoke during the driest part of the day. State Wildland Firefighters will continue to be out there every day patrolling, monitoring and mopping-up.

What can we learn from this wildfire?:

If you live near nature, you might be at risk for Wildfire danger. Create a Family Disaster Plan -Wildfire and other types of disasters - hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake, hazardous materials spill, winter storm - can strike quickly and without warning. You can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together. Meet with your family to create a disaster plan. To get started: (Look for Ready, Set, Go!)


Where there is fire, there is ultimately smoke, and smoke does not mix well with safe driving. Unforeseen changes in weather may create conditions where visibility on roadways is seriously impaired. Under these conditions drivers need to be cautious. The best decision is not to drive in fog or smoke. If you must drive under these conditions, there are actions that every driver should take to protect themselves and their passengers: (1) Slow down! (2) Use windshield wipers in heavy fog (3) Turn on your low-beam headlights (4) Report the hazards to 911. For more tips: search “Smoke Brochure”.

Resources on Scene

Florida Forest Service:

110 state and federal firefighters

Engines - 11

Firefighting bulldozers  (medium) -17

Firefighting bulldozers (heavy) - 4

Helicopters – 2

Fixed wing- 1

Swamp buggies- 3

Greater Naples Fire District and mutual aid companies:

67 city and county firefighters

Brush Trucks – 2

Engines – 6

Water Tenders – 2

Chief Officers - 12

More information and updates are available on the Collier County website, A call center has been established (239) 252-8444.

The Florida Forest Service, a division of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, manages more than 1 million acres of state forests, provides management assistance on more than 17 million acres of private and community forests, while protecting homes, forestland and natural resources from the devastating effects of wildfire on more than 26 million acres. Learn more at



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