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123 - Hurricane Irma - Damage Assessment and Description of Colored Tags

Post Date:09/20/2017 4:50 PM

Damage Assessment and Description of Colored Tags


Collier County building inspectors, as well as others licensed and contracted by the county to do so, began conducting damage assessments on Monday, Sept.11 following Hurricane Irma.


The building inspectors conducted the damage assessments to inform property owners about the visible levels of damage to structures to protect resident’s safety and welfare along with guiding recovery efforts. Damage assessment teams will continue to provide assessments in the coming weeks as required and when requested.  


Color coded tags are placed on structures that have been assessed. Tag descriptions are below.


Red Tag:  The structure is condemned. It was destroyed and is unsafe to occupy. People entering any part of the structure should use extreme caution.  A building permit will be required to repair the structure.


Yellow Tag: The principal structure or an accessory structure (such as a carport, a lanai, etc.) incurred some structural damage. People entering any part of the structure should use extreme caution. A building permit will be required to repair the structure in most cases.


Green Tag:  There were no visible signs of damage to the exterior of the structure at the time of the inspection. However, the property owner needs to confirm no damage occurred. A building permit may be required if the building incurred interior damage.


If you have any questions regarding the safety of a structure or if a permit is needed for any damage incurred, please contact the Growth Management Department from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday located at 2800 N. Horseshoe Drive, Naples, Florida 34104 or call (239) 252-2400 and at the Immokalee Permitting Office at 310 Alachua St., Immokalee, Florida 34142 or call (239) 252-5733.


Building permits addressing damages due to Hurricane Irma will be made a priority. To apply for a building permit online go to Emergency repair work to secure and stabilize structures is allowed to be performed, however, applications for building permits are needed to complete the repair work. Please be advised that permitted repair work must be done by a licensed contractor or as an owner builder. 


If you believe a tag was issued in error or would like to have a structure assessed, please call 239-252-2400.

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