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Collier County Pollution Control Wants Residents to Get Their Minds in the Gutter

Post Date:05/08/2019 4:00 PM

Collier County Pollution Control Wants Residents to
Get Their Minds in the Gutter

Collier County Pollution Control wants residents to know it’s easy to be green in Collier County: you just have to get your mind in the gutter.

When your mind is in the gutter, you understand how your activities affect the watersheds and drinking water. Because what goes into the county’s stormwater system (the gutter) eventually ends up at our beaches and in your drinking water.

Your family can be the solution to pollution because protecting water quality starts at home.

• Be aware of the chemicals used on your property. To protect the ground and surface waters, runoff that leaves your property should be free of chemicals, fertilizers and other pollutants. Think about what you put on your lawn. Maybe there is a way to use less or find a nontoxic alternative.
• Ensure that vehicles and equipment like lawnmowers or generators don’t leak onto any surface. If they do, those spills should be cleaned up immediately and thoroughly.
• Something as simple as picking up dog waste instead of leaving it on your lawn can reduce the bacteria on your property and in the stormwater runoff.

But it is not just the quality of the water running into the stormwater system, it is also the quantity. While some stormwater runoff is unavoidable, the goal is to keep as much water on your property as possible without flooding. This allows more aquifer recharge and less stormwater picking up pollution on its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

• You could hold some of that water on your property longer by using a rain barrel or a rain garden.
• If you have an irrigation system, maintain it so no water is running onto the street or directly into the stormwater system.
• Get your neighbors involved by participating in the stormwater inlet marker program. The program provides neighborhoods and communities with free “markers” to affix around your neighborhood stormwater drains to reduce illegal dumping into the stormwater system.

Collier County Pollution Control wants to help residents and businesses become aware of their watersheds, stormwater system and water quality. For a presentation, more information about our services, to participate in the stormwater inlet marker program or to report pollution contact us at (239) 252-2502, pollution.control@colliercountyfl.govt, or


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