Impact Fee Deferrals

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Amount Available Each Fiscal Year: $200,000

Amount Available per Applicant:  No more than $100,000 - not to exceed the amount of impact fees to be paid by the applicant to the County.  Impact fees collected by the county for water, wastewater, schools, and fire impact fees shall not be deferred under this program.

Term of the Deferral:  10 years after the execution of the deferral agreement.  Impact fee deferrals granted under this program will be secured as a lien on the subject property for the term of the deferral.

Entities Eligible for Deferrals:  Charitable, not-for-profit entities that provide services of substantial benefit to low income or very low income residents of the county at no charge or at reasonable, reduced rates, and no part of the net earnings of the entity shall inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, with proof of the entity's not-for-profit status and eligibility established to the County's sole satisfaction.  Not-for-profit deferrals are discretionary.

Deferrals are available only to entities that solely provide services to citizens of the United States or legal aliens that permanently reside in the United States.  Proof of such must be established to the County's sole satisfaction.

How to Apply:  A written request must be submitted to Impact Fee Administration along with back-up documentation relating to the entities not-for-profit status and the services provided.  Requests must be submitted no later than concurrently with the impact fees being paid.  Please e-mail your request to or mail to:

Collier County Growth Management Division

Impact Fee Administration

2800 N. Horseshoe Drive

Naples, FL  34104