This nine-member ad hoc committee was established on November 14, 2017, by Resolution No.
2017-220, to assist the Board of County Commissioners in compiling and identifying issues and
relevant best practices concerning senior citizens in Collier County. Of the nine members, there
shall be one member from each of the five commission districts, and four at-large members.
Candidates for the five commission district seats must be nominated by the commissioner of the
district they reside in, and need a simple majority vote for appointment. Candidates for the four atlarge
seats may be nominated by any commissioner, but must receive a four-fifths vote for
appointment or reappointment. All members must be 62 years of age or older.

Name District  Term Expiration Date 
 Charles D. Hartman  1  
 Murray H. Hendel   2  
 Joel Kessler  3  
 Dr. Thomas Allen Lansen   4   
 Vacant   5  
 Jacqueline Pierce   1  
 Litha S. Berger   1  
 Larry Magel  4   
 Victoria A. Tracy  4