Productivity Committee

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This committee was created on January 20, 1991 by Ord. No. 91-10 (amended by Ord. Nos. 93-13, 96-10, 2001-37, 2006-38). The committee was dissolved on 11/12/13 by Ord. No. 13-62, and re-established on 12/12/17 by Ord. No. 17-53.

Composition and Responsibility

The committee is composed of 7 members, one member from each of the Commission districts and two members at-large, with the vice chair or other designee of the BCC serving in a liaison capacity. Committee members are required to possess special expertise and experience related to managing large organizations, and must be balanced in representing the views of the community. The committee reviews the efficiency of departments of county government under the jurisdiction of the BCC, with the goal that tax dollars are being conserved and used as efficiently as possible. The committee may analyze and review existing structure, organization, staffing, management, operations, business practices, and procedures of the departments and divisions of county government as directed by the BCC, and reports its findings and recommendations to the BCC. The BCC shall review the effectiveness and procedures of this committee every four years, commencing in January 2022. Terms are 2 years.

Committee Membership

Name  District  Term Expiration Date
James R. Gibson, Jr. 1 02/27/22
Michael Dalby 2 02/27/22
Ronald Kezeske 3 02/27/22
Larry Magel 4 02/27/22
Jill Rosenfeld 5
Michael Lyster (Chair) 2 02/27/22
Gerald Godshaw 2 02/27/22

Next Meeting: 

July 30 Starting at 10 am

Fifth Floor Training Room @ 3299 Tamiami Trail E., Naples, Florida 34112 & via Zoom (for information to join the meeting via Zoom contact



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For Information on meetings or agendas contact the staff liaison for the committee:

Geoff Willig, or 252-8383