Infrastructure Surtax Citizens Oversight Committee (ISCOC)

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This committee was created on November 6, 2018 when the Collier County One-Cent Surtax was approved by County voters. On April 24, 2018, the Board of County Commissioners approved Ord. No. 2018-21 which in Section Seven contained information regarding the creation, composition, qualifications, and duties of the Committee.

Composition and Responsibility

The Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) members.  There shall be one (1) member appointed from each County District, and two (2) at-large members.  Upon confirmation that said individuals meet the requirements herein, the Board shall appoint said individuals to this Committee.  Appointment of positions, unless otherwise stated herein, shall be governed by Collier County Ordinance No. 2001-55, as may be amended, or by its successor ordinance. Members should have financial or business management backgrounds and experience, and may not be elected officials or current government employees.

The Committee shall have the responsibility to review the expenditure of Surtax proceeds against the ballot referendum approved by the voters and this Ordinance.  The Board may expend proceeds of the Surtax on projects not specifically stated herein or in the County’s back-up materials to the Board, so long as those projects (1) comply with the intent of the ballot language, (2) have a positive recommendation by this Committee, and (3) fall within the projects and categories identified.  The Committee shall not recommend alternative projects, unless requested by the Board. The Committee shall meet monthly, or as otherwise needed to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

The Committee shall sunset and terminate without further action by the Board within 2 months of the final expenditure of all of the Surtax proceeds collected by the County.  At its final meeting after the Surtax proceeds have been expended, the Committee shall prepare a final report to the Board with its findings and recommendations.

Committee Membership

Name District Term Expiration Date
Jeffrey N. Lutz 1  1/12/21
Stephen Osborne 2  1/12/21
Ronald Kezeske 3  1/12/21
Justin Land (vice-chair) 4  1/12/21
Beth Rozansky 5  1/12/21
Scott J. Lepore (chair) At-Large (4)             1/12/22
Juliana Meek At-Large (4)             1/12/22
Jamie Andersen Alternate (2)             1/12/21
James W. DeLony Alternate (4)             1/12/21


Next Meeting: 

TBD Starting at 8:30am

Board of County Commissioners chambers, third floor @ 3299 Tamiami Trail E., Naples, Florida 34112

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March  6, 2019 Meeting

February 6, 2019 - Organizational Meeting

For Information on meetings or agendas contact the staff liaison for the committee:

Heather Cartwright-Yimaz, or 239-252-8383