Mental Illness & Addiction Advisory Committee

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This committee was created on December 11, 2018 when the Board of County Commissioners approved Resolution No. 2018-232. which in Section Seven contained information regarding the creation, composition, qualifications, and duties of the Committee.

Composition and Responsibility

Membership into this Committee shall not exceed nineteen (19) individuals, who shall initially be appointed by the Board. Consideration for membership will be given to ensure geographic and background diversity. Special qualifications for membership include:

  • One (1) representative designated by a Veteran services organization;
  • One (1) representative designated by the Collier County Sheriffs Office;
  • One (1) representative designated by a Collier County grantor entity which provides funding to providers of services for mental illness and substance use disorders for adults;
  • One (1) psychiatrist or psychologist, licensed to practice in Florida;
  • One (1) behavioral health professional, licensed to practice in Florida;
  • One (1) medical health professional;
  • One (1) representative from a homelessness advocacy organization;
  • One (1) representative from the David Lawrence Center, Inc. ( DLC);
  • One (1) representative from the National Alliance on Mental Illness( NAMI);
  • One (1) certified peer specialist;
  • One (1) representative from the recovery community; Representatives from the local business community; and
  • Representatives at-large with experience or a demonstrated interest in mental illness and substance use disorders.

The primary responsibility of this ad hoc Committee shall be gathering information regarding existing and future mental illness and addiction services policies, issues, programs, and plans that will support the purpose as set forth herein; serving as a public forum for a discussion of these matters; and presenting to the Board of County Commissioners a final Report and Recommendation. 

Unless extended by Resolution of the Board, this Committee shall automatically sunset without further action upon making its final Report and Recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners.

Committee Membership

Name Representation
 Dale Mullin Veterans Services Organization 
 Lt. Leslie Weidenhammer Collier County Sheriff's Office  
 Dr. Emily Ptaszek
 Licensed Psychiatrist/Psychologist 
 Susan Kimper  Licensed Behavioral Health Professional
 Dr. Thomas Lansen Medical Health Professional 
 Scott Burgess (Chair) David Lawrence Center
 Pam Baker (Vice-Chair)  National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI)
 Hon. Janeice Martin   At-Large
 Robert Saunders Collier County Grantor Agency
 Christine Welton Homelessness Advocacy Organization
 Michelle McLeod Peer Specialist (City of Naples
 Janice Rosen Recovery community 
 Michael D'Amico At-Large
 Bruce McAndrews At-Large
 Russell Budd At-Large
 Pat Barton At-Large 
 Gerry Godshaw At-Large
 Paul Simeone At-Large 
 Vacant At-Large 
 Commissioner Andy Solis  Board Liaison


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For Information on meetings or agendas contact the staff liaison for the committee:

Sean Callahan, or 252-8348