Public Safety Coordinating Council

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This council was created on February 8, 2005 when the Board of County Commissioners approved Resolution No. 2005-92 authorized by Section 951-26, Florida Statutes, which provides that a board of county commissioners shall establish, within its county, a county public safety coordinating council to facilitate dialog on issues relating to overcrowded jails, courthouse space requirements, intervention programs for probation, work release, gain time and substance abuse, and the necessary manpower to manage such facilities and programs.


The purpose of the council shall be to:

  1. Assess the population status of all detention or correctional facilities owned or contracted by the County;
  2. Formulate recommendations to ensure that the capacities of such facilities are not exceeded;
  3. Assess the availability of pretrial intervention or probation programs, work-release programs, substance abuse programs, gain-time schedules, applicable bail bond schedules, and the confinement status of the inmates housed within each facility owned or contracted by the County; and
  4. Comply with all provisions set forth in Section 951.26, Florida Statutes.


The council shall be composed of the following County representatives:

  1. The state attorney, or an assistant state attorney designated by the state attorney.
  2. The public defender, or an assistant public defender designated by the public defender.
  3. The chief circuit judge, or another circuit judge designated by the circuit judge.
  4. The chief county judge, or another county judge designated by the chief county judge.
  5. The chief correctional officer.
  6. The sheriff, or a member designated by the sheriff, if the sheriff is not the chief correctional officer.
  7. The state probation circuit administrator, or a member designated by the state probation circuit administrator, to be appointed to a 4-year term.
  8. The chairperson of the board of county commissions, or another county commissioner as designee.
  9. If the county has such a program available, the director of any county probation or pretrial intervention program, to be appointed to a 4-year term.
  10. The director of a local substance abuse treatment program, or a member designated by the director, to be appointed to a 4-year term.
  11. Representatives from a county and state jobs programs and other community groups who work with offenders and victims, appointed by the chairperson of the board of county commissioners to 4-year terms.

Council Membership



Amira Fox

State Attorney, 20th Judicial Circuit

Kathy A. Smith

Public Defender, 20th Judicial Circuit

Chief Judge Michael T. McHugh

Chief Circuit Judge

Judge Rob Crown

Collier County Court Judge

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk (Vice Chair)

Sheriff, Chief Correctional Officer

Brad Rouskey

State Probation Circuit Administration*

Burt Saunders (Chair)

Commissioner, Board of Collier County Commissioners

Jeff Nichols

Director of County Probation**

Scott Burgess

Chief Executive Officer, David Lawrence Center*

Joe Paterno

Executive Director, SWFL Workforce Development*


 * 4-Year Term 12.12.2019-12.12.2023
** 4-Year Term 10.12.2017-10.12.2021

Florida Statute 915.26

Resolution 2005-092


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Previous Meeting:

December 12, 2019 from 9:00 am-11:00 am

Agenda 12.12.2019 Meeting

Roster 12.12.2019 Meeting

Mental Health & Addiction Strategic Plan Highlights

Draft Minutes -9.13.2019 Meeting


For Information on meetings or agendas contact the staff liaison for the council:

Lee Willer-Spector, or 252-8723