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Advisory Board Vacancies

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Advisory Board Vacancies

The Collier County Board of County Commissioners is seeking applications for positions on several advisory committees. Members of committees must reside and be registered to vote in Collier County. Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions on how to apply.


The Affordable Housing Committee has one vacant seat as the representative of the local planning agency. This committee was created in accordance with Sect. 420.9076 Fla. Stat., to review policies, procedures, ordinances, land development regulations, and the adopted local government comprehensive plan, and to recommend specific actions or initiatives to encourage affordable housing. Terms are three years. 

The Animal Services Advisory Board has two seats expiring in April representing the categories of: animal activist group, and law enforcement. This seven-member board is tasked to make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on the facilities, programs, and services of Collier County Domestic Animal Services. Terms are four years.

The Bayshore/Gateway Triangle CRA Board has one vacancy for a Gateway Triangle resident, and one vacancy for a member at-large who resides or engages in business or both in the Bayshore/Gateway Triangle Redevelopment Area. This nine member board assists in the implementation of the redevelopment plan for the Bayshore/Gateway Triangle area. Terms are three years.

The Black Affairs Advisory Board has three vacant seats. This nine-member committee identifies and evaluates problems unique to the Black Community, reviews and recommends ways to ensure open communication between minorities and Collier County Government and provides periodic reports to the Board of County Commissioners. Terms are four years.

The Board of Building Adjustments and Appeals has two vacancies. Applicants must represent one of the following professions: a licensed plumbing or mechanical contractor, or a state licensed architect or structural engineer. This five-member board hears appeals on rejections or refusals by the Building Code Compliance Director to approve mode of construction or materials to be used in construction or alteration of a structure.  Members must be knowledgeable in the following Collier County Codes:  Florida Building Codes, Electrical Code, Fire Prevention Code, Gas Code, Mechanical Code and Swimming Pool Code.  Terms are four years.  This is a Quasi-Judicial Board.

The Code Enforcement Board has two currently vacant seats, and one seat expiring in February. This seven member board with two alternates is composed of individuals representing the occupations of architect, business owner, engineer, general contractor, subcontractor and realtor, who are considered on the basis of their experience or interest in the areas of the codes and ordinances to be enforced.  Members are required to file a Form 1 Statement of Financial Interest each year with the Supervisor of Elections. Terms are 3 years.  This is a Quasi-Judicial Board.

The Conservation Collier Land Acquisition Advisory Committee has two seats expiring in February. This committee's primary responsibility is to recommend to the BCC an Active Properties Acquisition List with qualified purchase recommendations of environmentally sensitive lands consistent with the goals of the Conservation Collier Land Acquisition Program.  Membership of the committee shall comprise broad and balanced representation including environmental and conservation interests, agricultural and business interests, educational interests, and general civic and citizen interests within the County.  Members shall have expertise, knowledge or interest in ecology, conservation of natural resources, real estate or land acquisition, land appraisal, land management, eco-tourism or environmental education.  Terms are three years.

The Educational Facilities Authority has one current vacancy, and one seat expiring in March. The purpose of this five-member authority is to assist institutions for higher education in the construction, financing, and refinancing of projects. One member shall be a trustee, director, officer, or employee of an institution for higher education located in Collier County. Terms are five years.

The Emergency Medical Authority has a vacant seat for a citizen representative. The purpose of this five-member authority is to assist The Board of County Commissioners and other agencies with issues effecting pre-hospital emergency medical services, to work to improve pre-hospital medical care, to evaluate current and future EMS needs, to serve as a catalyst to effect cooperation among agencies to evaluate requests for all Certificates of Public Convenience (COPCN) in Collier County and make recommendations to the BCC. Applicants should have no affiliation with any hospital, fire district, EMS, municipality, or the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. Terms are four years.

The Floodplain Management Planning Committee has one vacancy who is a citizen representative from the rural region of the county (east of 951). This board was created on July 25, 2006, by Resolution No. 2006-200 and amended by 2011-118 and 2016-102. This 15 member committee includes up to eight members of the public; one member from each of the following County Departments: Communications/Customer Relations, Bureau of Emergency Services, Growth Management, 
Public Utilities; and members from the following municipalities: City of Naples, City of Marco Island, City of Everglades. Each departmental and municipal member may also have one alternate appointed to act on their behalf in their absence. The committee will promote awareness of floodplain and flooding issues, identify known flood hazards, discuss past flooding events, assess the current floodplain and flooding issues, and set goals along with a strategy to make the community more resistant to flooding. The committee reviews and provides recommendations for floodplain management regulations, and for surface water and watershed management issues brought before it including, but not limited to, matters dealing with water quality and quantity. They will also develop and, at least annually, evaluate and update the Collier County Floodplain Management Plan. Members serve at the will of the County Manager.

The Golden Gate Community Center Advisory Board has one seat expiring in December. Members must reside within the boundaries of the Golden Gate Community Center Municipal Services Special Taxing District.  This five-member committee advises the Board of County Commissioners on the budget and operation of the Golden Gate Community Center.  Terms are three years.

The Growth Management Oversight Committee has a vacancy for a member representing the Rural Land Stewardship Area (RLSA). Applicants must be either residents of, own property in, or have a business interest within the RLSA.  This committee was created to assist the Board of County Commissioners in facilitating the public review of the following four sub-area/master plans within the Growth Management Plan: the Rural Fringe Mixed Use District, the Golden Gate Estates and Golden Gate City area (combined), the Rural Land Stewardship Area, and the Immokalee Urban Area. Members shall serve until the completion of the project.

The Haldeman Creek Dredging Maintenance Advisory Committee has one seat expiring on March. Applicants must reside within the boundaries of the MSTU. This five member committee was created to aid and assist the Board of County Commissioners in carrying out the MSTU, to prepare and recommend an itemized budget, and to recommend work programs and priorities. Members will be appointed from different parcels, subdivisions and/or communities within the MSTU. Terms are four years.

The Immokalee Beautification MSTU Advisory Committee has one vacancy. This five member committee assists the Board of County Commissioners in the business affairs of the Immokalee Beautification Taxing District, and prepares and recommends an itemized budget to carry out the business of the district for each fiscal year.  Applicants must be permanent residents within the MSTU.  Terms are four years.

The Immokalee Local Redevelopment Advisory Board has four seats expiring in April, in the categories of: persons who reside or engage in business within the Immokalee Redevelopment area; non-profit representative; MSTU representative. This 9 member committee assists in the implementation of the redevelopment plan for the Immokalee area. Terms are three years.

The Industrial Development Authority has one vacancy, and one seat expiring in April. This five member authority has the power to sell industrial revenue bonds. Money generated from the bonds is used to construct industrial plants, equipment and other facilities which would then be leased or sold to private industry. Terms are four years.

The Public Transit Advisory Committee has two current vacancies for members representing health care services, social services, or large employers; and also has two seats expiring in March representing transit riders and transportation/planning professionals. This seven-member committee makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners in matters related to transit policies, issues, programs and plans to provide mass transit services to the citizens of Collier County. Terms are three years.

The Senior Advisory Committee is seeking applications for a member from commission district 5. Applicants for commission district seats must be nominated by the commissioner of the district they reside in. All members must be 62 years of age or older. The purpose of this committee is to assist the Board of County Commissioners in compiling and identifying issues and relevant best practices concerning senior citizens in Collier County. Terms are one year, unless further extended by the BCC.

The Value Adjustment Board has one vacancy for an alternate member in the Homestead Citizen category. The Clerk of the Circuit Court serves as the Clerk to the VAB, which is the process whereby property owners can appeal their tax assessments. The VAB consists of two County Commissioners, one Collier County School Board member, one Collier County Homestead Citizen member and one Collier County Business Citizen member. Collier County’s VAB is required to contract Special Magistrates, based on population size, to hear the various types of petition appeals including: Exemption/Classifications, Tangible Personal Property, Residential Property Tax Appeals and Commercial Property Tax Appeals.

 How to Apply: 

To apply for an advisory committee vacancy, submit an application online at After you complete the application, click on “Submit Form.”  To receive an immediate e-mail confirmation that your application was received, you must include your e-mail address in the application.

Residents interested in applying for advisory committee positions may also obtain an application by calling 239-252-8400, or from Please email to, or mail to the attention of Wanda Rodriguez, County Attorney's Office, 3299 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 800, Naples, Florida 34112-5746.