Contractor Licensing Board

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The nine member board was created on January 19, 1978 and last amended on October 18, 2006 to determine the qualifications of applicants for the various categories of the Contractors' Certificates of Competency. They also hold hearings to determine if a certificate of competency of any contractor, master or journeyman should be revoked. A minimum of two members shall reside within the corporate city limits of Naples or shall be recommended to the BCC by the Naples City Council. Fl Stat, Sec 489.131, sub 10 states that three members must be consumer representatives. Members of the CLB who are not consumer representative members should be a licensed architect, a licensed general contractor, a licensed engineer, a licensed electrical contractor, a licensed plumbing contractor, a licensed mechanical contractor, a licensed roofing contractor, a licensed residential contractor, or a licensed building contractor. These categories are merely directory and failure to have a member of each of the trades is not grounds for voiding any action of the Board. The Board meets at 9 a.m. on the third Wednesday of the month. Terms are three years. This is a Quasi-Judicial Board.

 Category  Name  District  Term Expires
 City of Naples-General Contractor Robert P. Meister  4  02/28/2021
 City of Naples-Consumer Patrick G. White  4  10/20/2021
 Specialty Contractor-Signs Michael Boyd  3  06/30/2022
 Contractor Terry Jerulle  1  06/30/2021
 Licensed Commercial Pool/Spa  Contractor Richard E. Joslin  5  06/30/2021
 General Contractor Matthew H. Nolton  4  06/30/2021
 Roofing Contractor Kyle E. Lantz    06/30/2023
 Consumer Vacant    06/30/2022


County Contact - Rose Burke - 239-252-8736

The Contractor Licensing Board is made up of 9 members comprised of local contractors and consumers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, Naples City Council and Marco Island City Council. The CLB is authorized to review and resolve complaints against contractors by taking disciplinary action including sanctions, fines, suspensions or revocations of a contractor’s license, for those found guilty in all three jurisdictions.