Floodplain Management Planning Committee

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The Floodplain Management Planning Committee was created on July 25, 2006, by Resolution
No. 2006-200 and amended by 2011-118 and 2016-102. This 15 member committee includes up
to eight members of the public; one member from each of the following County Departments:
Communications/Customer Relations, Bureau of Emergency Services, Growth Management,
Public Utilities; and members from the following municipalities: City of Naples, City of Marco
Island, City of Everglades. Each departmental and municipal member may also have one
alternate appointed to act on their behalf in their absence. The committee will promote
awareness of floodplain and flooding issues, identify known flood hazards, discuss past flooding
events, assess the current floodplain and flooding issues, and set goals along with a strategy to
make the community more resistant to flooding. The committee reviews and provides
recommendations for floodplain management regulations, and for surface water and watershed
management issues brought before it including, but not limited to, matters dealing with water
quality and quantity. They will also develop and, at least annually, evaluate and update the Collier
County Floodplain Management Plan. Members serve at the will of the County Manager.

 Name  Representing  District
 Harold Critchfield, Chairman  Growth Management Division  
 Craig Pajer, Vice Chairman     Public Utilities Division  1
 Deborah Curry  Communication & Customer Relations Division  1
 Dan Summers  Bureau of Emergency Services Division  1
 Jonathan Walsh  Growth Management Division  
 Kenneth J. Bills  Volunteer Citizen  4
 Phillip E. Brougham  Volunteer Citizen  1
 Joseph Gagnier  Volunteer Citizen  2
 Dennis P. Vasey  Volunteer Citizen  3
 Lisa Koehler  Volunteer Citizen  2
 Tim L. Nance  Volunteer Citizen  5
 Christa Carrera  City of Naples  4
 Kelli Defredericis  City of Marco Island  1
 Terry Smallwood  Everglades City  5
 William N. Miller  Volunteer Citizen   4
 Jerry Kurtz  Growth Management Division  4
 Stanley P. Chrzanowski  Volunteer Citizen  2
 William Lang  Bureau of Emergency Services  1