Historical Archaeological Preservation Board

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The seven member committee was created on August 12, 1991, repealed and amended on October 30, 1991 and updated on May 26, 2009. This board is vested with the power, authority, and jurisdiction to designate, regulate, and administer historical and archaeological resources in Collier County, under the direct jurisdiction and control of the Board of County Commissioners. Membership is composed of seven members from the following categories: history; archaeology; real estate, land development or finance; architecture; law or urban planning; and two positions will be filled by citizens at large. Terms are three years.

 District     Name Category   Term Expires
 1 Elizabeth M. Perdichizzi Citizen at Large  10/01/2022
 1 Eugene V. Erjavec, Jr. Citizen at Large  10/01/2021
 1 Austin J. Bell History  10/01/2022
 1 George Gunnar Thompson Law  10/01/2021
 2 Stuart Miller Real Estate/Finance  10/01/2020
 3 Elaine L. Reed History  10/01/2021
 4 Eileen Arsenault Archaeology  10/01/2020
 4 Sharon Kenny Historic Preservation/Landscape  
 5 Matthew Betz    
Growth Management Staff Ray Bellows, Zoning Manager    
Growth Management Staff Valerie Kullick    
State CLG Coordinator Michael Zimny, Bureau of Historic Preservation