Immokalee Beautification Advisory Committee

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The five member committee was created on October 22, 1985 and most recently amended on October 22, 2002 to assist the Board of County Commissioners in the business affairs of the Immokalee Beautification Taxing District, and prepare and recommend an itemized budget to carry out the business of the district for each fiscal year. Membership represents the population of the area within the Immokalee Beautification District. Four members shall be permanent residents within the MSTU and one member may be an owner of residential or commercial property within the MSTU or may be an individual, an officer of a corporation, or a partner of a partnership. Terms are 4 years.

View the complete agenda packet for the Immokalee Beautification MSTU Meeting, February 26, 2020, 8:30 a.m.

 District  Name   Term Expiration
2  Norma Garcia  09/23/2020
5  Cherryle Thomas  09/23/2021
3  Peter Johnson  09/23/2022
5  Andrea Halman  09/23/2022
5  Bernardo Barnhart  09/23/2020 
   County Liaison Debrah Forester  239-252-8846