Immokalee Local Redevelopment Advisory Board

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On March 14, 2000 the Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolutions 2000-82 and 2000- 83 establishing the Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency and identifying two areas within unincorporated Collier County (Bayshore/Gateway Triangle and Immokalee) as areas in need of redevelopment. In addition, Resolution 2000-83 authorized the creation of Local Advisory Boards by separate resolution to assist in the implementation of the redevelopment plan. The CRA adopted Resolution 2001-98, which provided that the Immokalee Enterprise Zone Development Agency would also be the Immokalee Local Redevelopment Advisory Board. When the Florida Enterprise Zone Act was repealed in 2015, the CRA adopted Resolutions 15- 217 and 15-218 establishing the Immokalee Local Redevelopment Advisory Board as a standalone advisory committee. Resolution 16-198 revised the bylaws to clarify the membership and terms of office. The purpose of this 9 member committee is to be the primary vehicle for
community and professional input to the CRA for matters relating to the Immokalee Redevelopment Area. Terms are 3 years.

Membership categories given in Art. II Sect. 4 of the bylaws are:
2 Immokalee residents
2 Immokalee business representatives
1 Immokalee Beautification MSTU representative
1 representative of a non-profit operating in the Immokalee Redevelopment Area
3 at-large representatives who reside or engage in business in the Immokalee Redevelopment

Immokalee CRA 2019 Annual Report

View the complete agenda packet for the Immokalee Local Advisory Board Meeting, March 18, 2020, 9 a.m.

Contact Number: 239-867-0025


 Name  Exp. Date
 Non-profit Organization  Frank Nappo  4/4/22
 Non-profit Organization  Michael Facundo  4/4/22
 Resident/Business  Yvar Pierre  4/4/21
 Business in Zone/Resident  Edward "Ski" Olesky  4/4/23
 Resident  Estil Null  4/4/21
 Resident  Andrea Halman  4/4/22
 Resident  Patricia Anne Goodnight  4/4/21
 At-Large Business  Francisco Leon  4/4/22
 Non-Profit Organization  Mark Lemke  4/4/23
 County Liaison  Debrah Forester  239-252-8846