Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

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The seven member board was created on November 25, 1975 and advises the Board of County Commissioners on matters pertaining to the acquisition, development and programs involving the County's park facilities and provides guidance and community input for the Parks & Recreation Department. Representation on this board consists of one member from the Immokalee Community Park District and six members from the Naples and Urban Area Community Park District. Meetings are held monthly with staff of Parks and Recreation. Terms are four years.

 District  Name   Term Expires
 5  Joshua Fruth  12/31/2019
 5  Mary Bills  12/31/2022
 3  Rebecca Gibson-Laemel  12/31/2019
 3  Daphnie Bercher  12/31/2021
 1  Phillip E. Brougham  12/31/2022
 5  Edward "Ski" Olesky  12/31/2022
 3  David Saletko  12/31/2021