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Norman Feder Transportation Building

2885 South Horseshoe Drive
Naples, FL 34104
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Phone: (239) 252-8192 

Capital Project Planning, Impact Fees, and Program Management Division

Operations Support Division

Road Maintenance Division

Transportation Engineering Division


Development Services Building

2800 North Horseshoe Drive
Naples, FL 34104
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Phone: (239) 252-2400 

Building Plan Review and Inspection Division

Code Enforcement Division

Development Review Division

Operations and Regulatory Management Division

Zoning Division


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For Public Record Requests, please contact or call (239) 252-5730.

Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for County residents and visitors by protecting and enhancing both the natural and built environments by encouraging sustainable growth and community partnerships.

Mission Goal:

To balance world class mobility, livability, economic vitality, and environmental sensitivity through coordinated planning, regulation, construction, and maintenance programs that serve the desired community character.

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 Updated 2/25/2019