Operations Support Division

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Director: Gene Shue

The Operations Support Division provides support to the Growth Management Department – South section. There are five primary components to the support provided:

Financial Support

  • The Operations Division coordinates the annual Budget Process for many divisions within GMD in addition to the Airport Authority. This entails working closely with our internal partners and the Office Management and Budget to develop operating and capital budgets for the fiscal year.
  • Operation’s staff works closely with internal partners to carefully review and process operating and capital expenditures for their respective departments. Particular care and attention is given to insuring that all statutory, regulatory, and grant requirements are compiled with. This team closely monitors compliance with all contract and purchasing requirements as well.
  • Financial and analytical support is also provided for a number of key planning initiatives including the Asset Management, the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP and JCIP), Annual Update and Inventory Report (AUIR), and CapsTrack; which monitors the status of current GMD capital projects.
  • Paying our vendors on time is very important to staff. Having over 99% of our vendors paid within the timeframe guided by the Florida Prompt Payment Act is a key indicator of success.

Asset Management and Operational Support:

  • Oversee the implementation of GMD's Asset Management Program.
    • Our operational support staff works closely with other divisional partners to identify, analyze, collect and report on the relevant data needed to effectively manage the several billion dollars of GMD assets.
    • Operational Support staff provides technical support, training, and solutions for asset management to help maintain accurate asset inventory, data and work orders. This helps in the proper budgeting, planning, and management of our transportation infrastructure.
  • Provide overall Geographic Information System (GIS) support to departments within GMD-South. Assist in analysis of spatial data and map making.
  • The Operations staff is continuing the Project Data Management (PDM) effort that has now been implemented agency wide. The initiative features:
    • A GIS map interface to agency project data. This enhancement will serve to better coordinate capital projects between divisions.
    • The implementation of a data and documents management process that uses a number of project phase closeouts to facilitate the organization, storage, and digitization of documents.
    • A much improved final closeout process that more efficiently capitalizes projects and better interfaces with asset management goals and objectives.

Community and Media Relations:

  • Serve as liaison and main point of contact for the Growth Management Department to the press and other media representatives on issues and questions pertaining to various topics such as but not limited to construction projects, compliance, aquatics, and future projects. Also coordinates public events, responds to public/media records requests,  issue news, and road alerts. We also have an Agency Issue Management System (AIMS) which provides constituents a single point of contact where they can submit any questions and/or concerns and receives resolutions and/or updates of progress within five business days. AIMS Coordinator assures constituents are receiving exceptional customer service.

Data/Records Management:

  • Oversees a 15,000 square foot warehouse of documents (and Traffic Operations inventory) and responds to records request from internal and external customers.

Airport Authority Overview:

The Airport Authority is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the County’s three general aviation airports located at Everglades City, Immokalee and Marco Island. This includes management, operations and maintenance of not only all airport facilities but also the Fixed Base Operations (FBO) services providing fueling, parking and other related ground support services directly to aircraft. The operational areas of responsibility include: 

Everglades Airpark:

The smallest of the 3 airports, in terms of acreage and operations, this 29 acre facility is located approximately 25 miles Southeast of the Naples Area in Everglades City on the banks the Chokoloskee Bay and is served by a single 2,400 ft. X 50ft. paved runway (15/33). Facilities include; a terminal building, 8-unit t-hangar and 24 hour self-service aviation gasoline fueling facility.

There is one full-time maintenance specialist assigned to the airpark which is attended 5 days per week. (Wednesday – Sunday).

Immokalee Regional Airport:

Situated in the Northeast section of Collier County, approximately 40 miles Northeast of the Naples area, the Immokalee Regional Airport is the largest of the 3 County owned airports in land mass (over 1,200 acres) and in terms of facilities. Aviation facilities include; two paved runways 18/36 (4,450 ft. X 150 ft.) and 09/27 (5,000 ft. X 100 ft.) a terminal building, fuel farm with aviation gasoline and JetA fuel which is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week self-service with any major credit card.

The airport has 3 full-time staff members including 2 maintenance workers and an airport manager and is attended 8am-5pm, seven days per week.

Marco Island Executive Airport:

Located approximately 5 miles North of Marco Island, the airport is situated on a 62 acre parcel, the airport is served by a full single paved runway (17/35) which is 5,000ft. X 100 ft. Facilities include a general aviation terminal and two 6-unit t-hangar buildings. The Airport Authority owns and operates a fuel farm with 12,000 gallon capacity of Aviation Gasoline and 24,000 gallon capacity of Jet-A fuel. Authority personnel provide full-service fueling to aircraft with aviation fuel trucks for both products.

There are 6 full time employees and the facility is attended 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily. For more information and details on the Airport Authority click here.



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