Building Blocks & Bulletins

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Collier County is proud to offer Building Blocks & Bulletins developed by the Director, Chief Building Official, and Managers, in an effort to address questions regarding building review requirements.

Building Blocks

A-75 Fence Permits

A-76 Pool Permits

A-78 Shutter Permits & Inspections

A-80 Site Access Requirements

A-89 Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

A-94 Spot Surveys & Affidavit

A-96 Phase Permit Procedure

A-99 Change of Contractor

A-100 Building Permit Valuation

A-101 Fire Alarm and Monitoring Systems - UPDATED July 31, 2015

A-102 Private Provider

A-103 Seawalls, Rip Rap & Boat Docks

A-104 Conditional Acceptance

A-105 Hurricane Mitgation Retrofits on Re-Roofing

A-108 Enclosing Lanais/Porches

A-112 2014 Florida Building Code Adoption- 5th Edition - UPDATED June 30, 2015

A-115 Chinese Drywall

A-116 Pool Inspections

A-120 Early Work Authorization

A-126 Building Review Performance Standard

A-128 Certified Site Plans and Spot Surveys

A-132 Inspections for dev in the SFHA

A-133 Compliance with ASCE 24-14 for Buildings- NEW September 14, 2015

A-134 Change-out of Existing Residential Air Co/nditioning Equipment

A-136 Manual J Calculations - For AC Change-outs

A-137 Florida Product Approvals and NOA's

A-141 Mastering Product Approval and/or NOA Book

A-144 Changes to Fee Resolution - August 1, 2013

A-145 New Inspection Codes

A-146 Service Change Grounding

A-148 Electronic Submittal of Surveys for Building Permits

B-44 Notice of Commencement


Bulletin 1 - FBC 5th Implementation

Bulletin 2 - New Review Requirements

Bulletin 3 - Radon Permits - NEW 

Bulletin 4 - Solar Photovoltaic Inspection Process - NEW

Bulletin 5 - Change of Design Professional - NEW

Bulletin 8 - Roof Permits

Bulletin 9 - Simultaneous Review Process

Bulletin 10 - Roof Overhangs in Drainage Easements - NEW

Bulletin 11 - Electrical Service Reinstatement - NEW

Bulletin 12 - Piping Insulation Protection - NEW

Bulletin 13 - 50% Electrical outlet - NEW

Bulletin 14 - Permit Status - NEW

Bulletin 15 - Flood Openings - NEW

Bulletin 16 - Expired Permit - NEW

Bulletin 17 - EWA or Phase Requests - NEW

Bulletin 18 - Blower Door Testing - NEW

Bulletin 20 - Household Fire Alarm - NEW

Updated 8/29/17