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Building Permit Resolution Services

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Resolve A Building Permit Issue

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The Building Permit Resolution Services Group 

The Building Permit Resolution Services group assists property owners and contractors in resolving open and expired building permits in Collier County. This group also facilitates the withdrawal of a contractor from a building permit and assists customers with requests to change the contractor associated with a building permit. The section works closely with property owners, title companies, real estate companies, and prospective buyers to address permit issues that arise through the sale of a structure.  

To expedite the sale of a home and avoid permit-related issues before the closing, it is best to confirm with the County that there are no outstanding building permit issues. Unforeseen building permit issues can arise when the permit search is not completed accurately, which may cause a delay in the closing. 

The following provides a brief overview of the types of services provided by the Building Permit Resolution Services group.  Please note that the term "qualifier" is frequently used in the following processes. A qualifier is an individual licensed to oversee the type of construction work being conducted. A company cannot provide their construction services without a qualifier who is licensed to do the work. For more information please review Collier County Code of Laws and Ordinances Chapter 22, Sec. 22-161 through Sec. 22-205.


Schedule a Conference Call or In-Person Meeting

After contacting the Growth Management Department Records Room (ph 239-252-5730; email and obtaining permit research regarding a property, you can schedule a conference call or in-person meeting.

Conference Call

You can schedule a conference call with the Building Permit Resolution Services group by email, please send your request to  

In-Person Meeting

If you have requested construction plans from the Records Room and would like to review them with Building Permit Resolution Services staff in-person, please email your request to meet to Meetings are held at the Growth Management Department located at:

2800 North Horseshoe Dr.
Naples, FL 34104. 


Walk-ins are available as first-come-first-serve, however, scheduled meetings are given priority over walk-ins.


The following provides an overview of the various services and respective processes the Building Permit Resolution Services group offers.

Building Permit Extension

An approved building permit is valid for 180 calendar days. A building permit extension allows for a building permit to be extended 90 days. An extension of time is typically requested by a contractor or an owner-builder to allow the construction work to be completed and a certificate of completion or a certificate of occupancy obtained. 


Typically, 2-3 business days. Unique circumstances may result in delays or require additional measures to be taken.

General Steps in the Extension Process  

  1. The qualifier of the company signs and notarizes the Collier County Growth Management Extension form
  2. Any outstanding site inspections are identified by County staff; however, this information may be obtained from the CityView Online Portal in advance of the request by the applicant.
  3. The required construction plans must be requested from the Growth Management Division Records Room by emailing or calling 239-252-5730.
  4. A site inspection is scheduled with the point of contact to complete the required site inspections. 
  5. The permit inspection job card and the construction plans for the permit are required to be at the site during the inspection. 
  6. Once the status of the permit is “Inspections Completed,” the property owner, contractor or qualifier must contact the Inspection section at or 239-252-2406. 


Building Permit Cancellation 

A permit may be cancelled, by the designated qualifier on the permit as of the date the permit was issued, as long as none of the construction work has commenced.  


Typically, 2-3 weeks. 

General Steps in the Cancellation Process

  1. The qualifier of the company signs and notarizes the Building Permit Cancellation form.
  2. For owner-builder permits, the individual who is acting as the general contractor signs and notarizes the Building Permit Cancellation form.
  3. Staff will coordinate with the point of contact identified on the form to schedule an inspection of the site to confirm that no construction has commenced.  
  4. Any fees owed to the County for services such as plan review must be reconciled prior to the permit being cancelled. 
  5. If another building permit’s scope of work conflicts with a permit requested for cancellation, additional oversight and coordination may be required.
  6. Additional fees and/or refunds may be issued following a permit extension. All services provided must be paid regardless of whether the work has commenced. 

Change of Contractor

A change of contractor occurs when a new contractor is taking over the permit, so long as the person identified on the warranty deed for the property authorizes the request on the County’s official form. 


Typically, 2-3 business days. 

General Steps in the Change of Contractor Process

  1. The property owner (the individual identified on the warranty deed for the property) agrees to the change the contractor for the issued building permit.  
  2. The current and new qualifiers must authorize the change on the County’s Change of Contractor form
  3. Any fees owed to the County must be paid, depending on the Florida Building Code in effect at the time of issuance. 

Information for the New Qualifier

  1. When a company replaces its qualifier, it must update each of the pending or issued building permits to identify the new qualifier. 
  2. All qualifiers must have a license that is up to date and an “active” status within Collier County.

Contractor Withdrawal

This process applies when a contractor requests to be removed from a building permit. Contractor withdrawal is often used when a cancellation is denied because the construction work was completed.


Typically, 1 month.

General Steps in the Contractor Withdrawal Process 

  1. Contractor informs the County that he/she has been terminated from the project or did not complete the work.
  2. The Chief Building Official is consulted to determine whether the contractor can proceed with the withdrawal process. 
  3. Any fees that were accrued during the qualifier’s tenure on the permit must be paid prior to the completion of the contractor withdrawal process.