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Building Permit Resolution Services

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A Cancellation is a request submitted by a licensed contractor/owner-builder to cancel a building application/permit







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Cancellation Process

General Cancellation Process

Allow up to 21 business days from the initial date cancellation is requested. If there are pending applicable fee(s), allow up to 21 business days from date payment is processed.

  1. Licensed contractor/owner-builder submits cancellation form.
  2. BPRS reviews request and orders plans for inspector.
  3. If there are pending applicable fees, BPRS will notify Licensed contractor/owner-builder to pay fees before BPRS schedules cancellation inspection.
  4. BPRS schedules cancellation inspection.
  5. Inspector performs cancellation inspection.
  6. BPRS reviews inspector results and notifies licensed contractor/owner-builder of results.

Cancellation FAQs

How much does it cost to cancel my permit application/permit?

  • There is no cancellation fee. Only pending applicable fee(s) are required to be paid prior to scheduling a cancellation inspection.

How do I find out if I have any pending applicable fees?

  1. Visit our GMD PUBLIC PORTAL ICON GMD Public Portal.
  2. BPRS will provide a payment slip after a cancellation request is submitted.

What are applicable fees?

  • Any fee generated from services rendered by Growth Management Department.

Who is authorized to sign a cancellation form?

  • Individual who signed the qualifiers page within the permit application.

Where do I submit a cancellation request?

  1. Email
  2. Drop off in person at our location. Visit our contact information.
  3. For electronic permits you can upload through our GMD PUBLIC PORTAL ICON GMD Public Portal.

What if I want to cancel my revision?

Can I cancel a permit if I am the property owner?

  • No. If the permit was applied for by a licensed contractor. The licensed contractor will need to submit a cancellation request.
  • Yes. If it is an owner-builder permit.

What are my options to cancel a permit if I am the property owner?

  1. If the contractor you hired is still active, you will need to send a termination letter (refer to last page of change of contractor form).
  2. Provide the BPRS section a copy of termination letter and certified mail receipt, along with a cancellation form.

If I submit new permit application, will an older permit with a similar if not same scope get cancelled?

  • No. BPRS does not approve a cancellation based on the scope of work, but what is indicated in the plans.

What does it mean if my cancellation request is denied?

  1. Incorrect individual signed the cancellation form.
  2. Inspector verified work has commenced.
  3. BPRS has concluded a newer permit does not supersede an older permit.

What do I do if I am a licensed contractor, work has commenced, and I am terminated by the home owner?

  1. Submit a cancellation request.
  2. A permit hold will be placed on the permit to prevent inspections from being scheduled.
  3. BPRS may initiate contractor withdrawal procedure.

What do I do if I submitted a permit application with the wrong address?

  • You will need to submit a new permit application with correct address.
  • Submitting a revision to change the address will not be accepted.

When is the best time to submit a cancellation request?

  • As soon as possible.  BPRS will look to see what services have been rendered prior to submission of cancellation date.