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Building Permit Resolution Services

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Contractor Withdrawal is a process undergone by a licensed contractor who no longer wants to be associated with a building application/permit.




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Contractor Withdrawal Process

General Contractor Withdrawal Procedure

  1. Contractor submits Contractor Withdrawal Request to BPRS.
  2. BPRS reviews request.
  3. If request is approved, BPRS will provide contractor withdrawal process.
  4. If request is denied, BPRS will instruct contractor how best to proceed.
  5. Contractor submits all required letters.
  6. BPRS performs a final review and process request.

Are there fees associated with the contractor withdrawal procedure?

  • Only applicable fees are required to be paid prior to a contractor being withdrawn.

How many times do I have to send the ‘Letter of Notification’?

  • A minimum of two attempts.

When can I start to send my second attempt?

  • Allow a minimum of 1 calendar week from the date of your first attempt.

What if the property owner has more than one address?

  • You will need to send the ‘Letter of Notification’ to all addresses, with a minimum of two attempts.
  • Example –
  1. 123 Main Street, Naples, FL 34104.
  2. Schorbachstrasse 9, 35510 Butzbach, Germany

What if I received a signed certified mail receipt?

  • Provide a signed copy to the BPRS section to avoid the need for a second attempt. 


What if USPS tracking says it was "Delivered"?

  • A second attempt is required?

What if USPS tracking says it was "Refused"?

  • A second attempt is required.


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