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Electronic Permitting User Guides



Managing Your Building Permit

This page contains E-Permitting Guides for the Electronic Plan Review (EPR) software system to assist you in submitting a building permit application and related materials throughout the EPR process. These Guides provide the permittee with the following information:

  1. Submittal Item/Document: Informs the customer of the common terms used for various materials submitted to the County.
  2. Description/Link: Provides a brief description of each Submittal Item/Document required for the permit. 
  3. Recommended Submittal Filename Prefix: Informs the customer of the prefix required to be added before each document filename before it is uploaded to the EPR software system. Please add the appropriate prefix before your document filenames prior to submitting documents to EPR.
  4. Required for Initial Application Submittal: Informs the customer whether the Submittal Item/Document is required during the initial submittal, or if it can be provided at a later date during the plan review process.
  5. Required Stamp: Informs the customer which documents need to be stamped by the County.
  6. Required on the Job Site: Informs the customer which approved documents need to be on the job site for the inspector to review. Please note that not all stamped documents are required to be on the job site and not all of documents that are required to be on the job site will be stamped. Refer to the Guides below for specific instructions.


Download the 10-STEP Permit Process Infographic

Included are the How-To instructions for Permit Tracking and Scheduling Inspections

Download the 10-STEP Permit Process Infographic with instructions for Permit Tracking and Scheduling Inspections


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