Electrical Inspections

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Code Description View Example
500 Electrical T-Pole IMAGE
501 Electrical Rough IMAGE
502 Electrical Final IMAGE
503 Service Change IMAGE
504 Temporary Power Commercial IMAGE
505 Temporary Power Residential IMAGE
506 Underground Electrical Conduit IMAGE
508 TV/Telephone Rough IMAGE
509 TV/Telephone Final IMAGE
510 Alarm Rough IMAGE
511 Alarm Final IMAGE
512 Audio/Video Rough IMAGE
513 Audio/Video Final IMAGE
515 Concrete Encased Electrode IMAGE
516 Electrical Walls Rough IMAGE
517 Electrical Ceiling Rough IMAGE
518 Under Slab Electrical Conduit IMAGE
519 Low Voltage-Alarm Final IMAGE
520 Mechanical Ventilation Electrical Final IMAGE
521 Remodel Res Electrical Rough IMAGE
522 Remodel Res Electrical Final IMAGE
523 Remodel Com Electrical Rough IMAGE
524 Remodel Com Electrical Final IMAGE
525 Shutter Electrical Final IMAGE
526 Solar Electrical Final IMAGE