Structural Inspections

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Code Description View Example
100 Footings - to include the Utility footing rebar (UFR) IMAGE
101 Pile Caps IMAGE
102 Grade Beam IMAGE
103 Floating Slab IMAGE
104 Tie Beam IMAGE
105 Shear Wall IMAGE
106 Columns IMAGE
107 Trusses/Roof Ply/W&D Bucks IMAGE
108 Framing IMAGE
109 Insulation IMAGE
110 Tie Down- Building IMAGE
111 Roof in progress IMAGE
112 Flood Proof IMAGE
115 Building Final IMAGE
118 Lintel Beam IMAGE
119 Fill Cells IMAGE
120 Flood Vent Relief IMAGE
121 Epicore Deck IMAGE
124 Steel in Stair/Columns IMAGE
125 Elevator pit IMAGE
130 T/S Framing- also schedule required 612 Fire Inspection IMAGE
131 T/S Drywall IMAGE
132 T/S Insulation IMAGE
133 Monolithic Slab-to include the Utility footing rebar (UFR) IMAGE
134 Roofing Final IMAGE
135 Shutter Final IMAGE
136 Impact Glass IMAGE
139 Termite Baiting IMAGE
140 Interior Termite IMAGE
141 Interior Slab Infill IMAGE
150 Sign/ Flagpole Final IMAGE
160 Fence Final Building IMAGE
161 Fence Footing IMAGE
162 Fence Fill Cell IMAGE
163 Mech. Ventilation Framing IMAGE
164 Mech. Ventilation Building Final IMAGE
165 Window/Door Replacement Non-Impact IMAGE
166 Window/Door Replacement Impact IMAGE
167 Shutter Add Res. Final IMAGE
168 Shutter Add Com. Final IMAGE
169 Re-roof In Progress IMAGE
170 Re-roof Final IMAGE
171 Remodel Res Framing IMAGE