Building Permit Application Instructions

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To submit your Building Permit Application you will need to fill out the application correctly. The following is a list of several points that should be employed:

  1. The Application Form should be as complete as follows:
    • A complete building permit application means:
      • All of page 1 should be filled in.
      • Page 2 should be initialed in the space provided.
      • Page 3, the Acknowledgement should be signed by the Owner/Agent of Owner and by the Contractor/Owner-builder and notarized. 
      • Subcontractors may be submitted prior to pickup.
      • If the property is not serviced by the Collier County Utilities Division, a Flow Letter is required to be submitted prior to Permit Issuance showing the capacity of the Sewer Plant.
    • If you have trouble with the Folio / Property I. D. number or the legal description, the Addressing Section will assist you with that. 
    • Items that are frequently left off the building permit application are: A/C tonnage, Electrical Amperage, Contracted Cost, Base Flood Elevation, Water Meter Size, Lot Size, Building Size, and the previous permit number if this is a reapplication of a suspended, expired, or abandoned project.
  2. A site, or plot plan, drawn to scale, is required for all projects. One and Two family dwelling site plans must indicate landscaping, driveways, property lines, property dimensions, the proposed structure and all existing structures (if any), and their dimensional relationship to each other and all property lines (set backs).  Multifamily and commercial projects require a minimum of 4 copies of an approved Site Development Plan (SDP).
  3. One and two family dwellings require 3 complete sets of sealed construction plans with the permit application; 4 sets of plans are required if a septic system is to be installed.  Multifamily and commercial projects require 5 sets of Sealed plans to be submitted with the permit application. (Fire Dept. Plan Review requires 2 sets of Sealed plans.) Fire Sprinkler Plans should be included in a minimum of 5 sets of plans.
  4. All residential permit packages require a copy of the County Site Drainage Form in each set of plans and one extra copy for the Engineering Department, with the exception of Golden Gate Estates.  If your one or two family project is located in the Vineyards, Berkshire Lakes, Audubon, Grey Oaks, or Orange Tree, site drainage plans approved by the developer must be included with your building permit package.
  5. Energy Calculations and Manual J shall be included in each set of plans, with 1 copy of the front page of the Energy Calculations to be sent to the State, attached to the application. The square footage on the Energy Calculations shall be equal to the Living Area that is stated on the Plans and Application.
  6. Truss layout must be furnished by the truss manufacturer or the structural engineer. Included on or with the truss layout are those trusses with uplifts greater than 1,000 pounds, and reactions greater than 5,000 pounds must be identified.  The designer may identify these trusses on the drawing, or engineering cut sheets may be submitted. We prefer all of the information be placed on the drawing. The anchor type, manufacturer, and catalog number of Hurricane Clips required to meet the uplifts and reactions must also be included with, or on the drawing. DO NOT SEND COPIES OF PAGES FROM THE CATALOG.
  7. A Sealed Boundary Survey must be included with the permit package. This survey must show all easements. If a septic system is being installed, the Health Department now requires a copy of the survey.
  8. Concurrency information will be taken from the Building Permit Application. Therefore fields such as Lot Area / Acreage, Utility Provider, and Meter Size MUST be filled out. There is a $ 100.00 charge for single family dwelling Concurrency Process, and a $ 100.00 charge for the commercial or multifamily Concurrency Process. These fees must be paid at the time of application.
  9. If the qualifier is not going to personally apply for or pickup the building permit, the authorization form must be notorized.
  10. Septic and Engineering applications shall include the septic permit application, the percolation test, the drainfield design, and a copy of the Boundary Survey. These items must be included with the permit application. An application fee of $235.00 shall accompany the application.
  11. If the building is required to have a fire sprinkler system, the fire sprinkler plans must be included as part of the construction plans. All buildings (except one and two family dwellings) three stories in height or greater, regardless of occupancy use, are required to install a fire sprinkler system.
  12. Right-of-Way permit applications, when necessary, will be filled out at time of application. The driveway shall appear on all site plans, with an extra copy of the site plan for the Transportation Department.
  13. The Vegetation Removal Form must be completed and submitted.
  14. Click here for application fee calculations.

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