Certified Site Program

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A shovel-ready certified site program


 Program Overview

Nationwide competition between communities to attract business startups, expansions and relocation — and the jobs and tax base they bring — has never been more fierce. Certified shovel-ready status is increasingly becoming a standard for sites marketed nationwide.

Collier County knows businesses often base decisions on the availability of certified shovel-ready sites. Our site certification program makes the site-selection process easier, faster and more predictable. It assures the quality of properties marketed for development to investors and improves collaboration between the county and land owners. Under the program, a landowner and/or agent must attest to the validity of a certified site application and submitted documentation.

1.  To reduce risk, cost and time for prospective companies by providing them with full documentation that shows a site is available, fully served and developable.
2.  To create a trackable, marketable inventory.

If you want to submit your site for review, please email us with your contact and site information. Once it's verified, you will receive a link to access our form, which requests the required, detailed site information. 


Here are the sites that are ready to go (downloadable and printable):

Ave Maria Business Park 

City Gate

Immokalee Regional Airport (federal Opportunity Zone)


Collier County’s Certified Site Program requires applicants to certify five parameters (PESTO):

P: Peak Utility Capacity. Ensure that adequate utilities (electricity, water, sewer, gas and telecommunications) are available or can be quickly delivered to the site in suitable quantities for targeted project sizes with redundancy features. Required information includes locations of utility lines; line-size serving sites (kVa); distance to the closest substation; the name of the natural gas company; pounds per square inch; the name of the water company serving the site; distance to the closest water line; water line size in inches; gallons per day (GDP) of the water/sewer system; the name of the local telecommunications company; availability of fiber optic cable, T1 and T3 lines;

E: Environmental Consideration. Environmental, geotechnical and archeological studies are provided to identify any area of risk. Required information includes the total acres of the proposed site; number of parcels for development; Phase 1 assessment report and Phase 1 executive summary; the site’s prior uses; surrounding land-use report; aerial photograph; topography, including a USGS quad map with site outline, elevation change and terrain; site accessibility; soil survey map; and a FEMA flood plain map;

S: Scale. The site’s shape is conducive to development and expansion. Required information includes the current zoning ordinance; designation and description of allowable land use under that zoning; zoning designations for the adjacent properties; onsite construction restrictions, including noise, height, evening lighting ordinance and hours of operation;

T: Transportation. Transportation access exists for employees, raw materials, supplies and shipments. Required information includes a transportation infrastructure map identifying ingress and egress routes; rail line availability; the name of the closest commercial airport, with the average distance in miles and travel time in minutes from the site; the closest interstate highway north-south route; the closest interstate highway east-west;

O: Ownership. The property is controlled through ownership or option and is readily available for ownership transfer to a prospective applicant. Required information includes a tax map; large-scale boundary survey map; and title and deed.


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Page updated: May 27, 2020