Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it mean to get mobilized?
When the contractors mobilize they bring necessary equipment to the site, complete construction engineering and perform all the "get ready" tasks needed to begin the truck haul renourishment.

Will beaches be closed?
No beaches will be closed.  Closure will be limited to the work area with access along the beach.

Will beaches be clearly marked for pedestrians?
Yes, beach access at beach ends will be clearly marked to show pedestrians access for the beach.

What is the schedule for the Beach Renourishment?
Monday through Saturday 7:00am to 7:00pm beginning 11/1/2016 and completed by January 1, 2017

Will Beach Renourishment continue on Sunday?

Will the Beach Renourishment continue through the Thanksgiving holiday?
No.  The Beach Renourishment will stop for 4 days during Thanksgiving; Thursday through Saturday.

Will the Beach Renourishment continue through the Christmas holidays?

Will there be a need to remove trees or other vegetation  to allow the trucks access to the beaches?

Truck haul route changes - any expected?
Not at this time.  Changes will be as needed.

Who is in charge of inspecting the trucks?
The Collier County Sherriff's Department will inspect trucks to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) standards.

Any agreement expected with Lee County to help pay for law enforcement?

When are trucks inspected by FEDOT?
FDOT certification is done once a year on trucks certifying that they are road worthy.

How are trucks hauling sand to the beach identified?
They are identified a red, blue or green decal depending on the location with the words Beach Fill.  BEACH FILL document

How long are we expecting this renourishment to last?
The project is expected to progress over the next two months.  Currently the final completion date is considered to be January 1, 2016.

Is it possible the renourishment project will wrap up sooner than originally expected?
Yes, weekly progress updates will be posted.

Which beaches are currently getting sand?
South Marco Island Beach, Vanderbilt, Park Shore, Pelican Bay and the Sugden Lake beaches.