June 25th BCC meeting agenda item regarding Short Term Rentals will be heard no sooner than 1 p.m.

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Capital Project Planning, Impact Fees, and Program Management Division Staff

Division Director

Amy Patterson   (239) 252-5721

Coastal Zone Management Section

Name  Title  Phone
 Gary McAlpin  Manager  (239) 252-5342
 Nick Bornstein    [provide info]
 Chris D'Arco    (239) 252-2980
 Gail Hanbright    (239) 252-2966
 Bryan King    (239) 252-2951
 Clint Perryman    (239) 252-4245
 Justin Vasvary    [provide info]

Impact Fees Section

Name Title Phone
Jonathan Thomas Impact Fee Permit Review (239) 252-2991
Brandi Pollard Impact Fee Coordinator (239) 252-6237
Impact Fee Questions, please contact:

Pollution Control and Prevention Section

Name Title Phone
Danette Kinaszezuk Manager (239) 252-5032
Nick Lehmann Principal Environmental Specialist (239) 252-2503
Nosbel Perez Laboratory Supervisor (239) 252-6079
Steve Preston Senior Project Manager (239) 252-5862
Chad Ward Senior Project Manager (239) 252-5034
Rhonda Watkins Senior Operations Analyst (239) 252-6049

Pollution Control Question, please contact


(239) 252-2502 or 

Stormwater Management Section

Name Title Phone
Gino Santabarbara Principal Planner  

Transportation Planning Section

Name Title Phone
Trinity Scott Manager (239) 252-5832
Laurie Beard Project Manager - PUD Monitoring (239) 252-5782
Mike Sawyer Principal Planner - Traffic Calming (Speed Bumps) (239) 252-2926
Lorraine Lantz Principal Planner (239) 252-5779
Ian Barnwell Operations Analyst (239) 252-2354

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Capital Project Planning, Impact Fees, and Program Management Division

Capital Project Planning Building
2685 Horseshoe Drive S, Suite 103
Naples, FL 34104
Phone: (239) 252-8924

Updated 06/19/2019