Water Quality Impairments

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A watershed is determined to be impaired if it is not meeting applicable water quality standards. This impairment is determined by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Once a water body has been determined to be impaired, the FDEP will then establish a Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) which limits the amount of that pollutant that can be discharged into the water body.

Collier County currently has 19 WBIDs (Water Body IDentification) out of 57 that are impaired for various parameters.  That means that 19 WBIDs are failing to meet a specific water quality standard.  Some water bodies are impaired for more than one parameter.  Click on the map below to see the impaired water bodies.

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What is a TMDL?

A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is the amount of a specific pollutant allowed to be discharged into a water body while still allowing the water body to meet state water quality standards.

Collier County has three WBIDs that have TMDLs, Lake Trafford, Cocohatchee River, and Gordon River Extension. All three TMDLs were set in 2008.

The Gordon River WBID has a TMDL for dissolved oxygen for which Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has listed nutrients as the cause of the impairment.  A total nitrogen (0.74 mg/l) limit has been established by the adopted TMDL based on concentrations in the water column.  

The Cocohatchee River WBID has a TMDL for fecal coliform. The TMDL requires a 65% reduction of fecal coliform from nonpoint sources. 

The Lake Trafford has TMDLs for three parameters—nutrients, unionized ammonia and dissolved oxygen. The TMDL requires a nutrient reduction of 60% total nitrogen and 77% total phosphorus.  The assumption is made that if these load reductions are met, that dissolved oxygen and unionized ammonia will respond positively.  

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Updated March 3, 2017