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Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension (2006)

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Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension Corridor Study

Although the Board of County Commissioners adopted a Corridor for the Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension (VBR Ext.) in 2006, in 2008, the design of  VBR Ext. Corridor was terminated.

Transportation Planning is in the process of developing a scope to review, validate and update as necessary the prior work. The new project will study the VBR Ext. Corridor Study from Collier Blvd. to 8th Street NE. (More information of this study expected in the Spring of 2017.)

As a reference, the information regarding the prior study is below.

The VBR Ext. Corridor Study was a planning effort to evaluate the extension of Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension as a through road east of Collier Boulevard (CR 951). The study attempted to identify and quantify the impacts of such an extension to Collier County’s transportation network, the Golden Gate Estates community, and the natural environment. Determining the fiscal cost of various Vanderbilt Beach Road extension alternatives was another key component of the study.

An extension of Vanderbilt Beach Road (VBR) between Collier Boulevard and Wilson Boulevard was part of the Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) 2025 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The 2025 LRTP was developed in 2000 and adopted in early 2001. The Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension Corridor Study evaluated the viability of extending the roadway farther to the east, to DeSoto Boulevard. This potential eastern extension to DeSoto Boulevard has been included in the Collier MPO 2030 LRTP, which was adopted on January 12, 2006. The MPO's 2040 LRTP (adopted in December, 2015) includes the extension of VBR from Collier Blvd. to 8th Street as a cost feasible project between Fiscal Years 2021-2025. 

Transportation Planning was involved in many aspects of corridor planning, alignment alternative considerations and public involvement for the VBR Ext. project. 

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