2013 Beach Renourishment

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On September 10, 2013 the Board of County Commissioner (BCC) approved the Collier County Beach Renourishment Project for staff recommendation of two (2) truck haul/placement contractors to perform the upcoming beach renourishment work (BCC Executive Summary).  Contract 13-6147 was awarded to the lowest bidders, Eastman Aggregates for the Vanderbilt and Pelican Bay beaches and Phillips and Jordan for the Park Shore and Naples Portion of this project.  Stewart Mining in Immokalee will provide sand for this project which is currently being stockpiled.  Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) will be performed by Collier County Coastal Zone Management (CZM) with third party auditing and quality assurance provided by Atkins Engineering.  Staff is working truck routes, vehicle inspections, staging areas, maintenance of traffic and speed zone enforcement with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Naples Police Department.  Hours of operation will be sunrise to sunset, six days a week.

Telephone Hotline for Beach Renourishment

Information Toll Free Hotline: 855.456.4792

Recorded Information Line: 239.252.2996


Or e-mail questions to CollierBeachUpdates@PhaseV.com

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