Frequently Asked Questions

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How many truck trips are expected each day?
Approximately 360 to 390

What does it mean to get mobilized?
When the contractors mobilize they bring necessary equipment to the site, complete construction engineering and perform all the "get ready" tasks needed to begin the truck haul renourishment.

Will beaches be closed?
No beaches will be closed.  Closure will be limited to the work area with access along the beach.

Will beaches be clearly marked for pedestrians?
Yes, beach access at beach ends will be clearly marked to show pedestrian access for the beach.

What is the schedule for the Beach Renourishment?
* The contractor handling the beach areas in the City of Naples plans to start at 3rd Avenue and work from the south section and move northward .  The contractor expects renourishment to begin most likely on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.
* The contractor handling the beach areas at Park Shore will begin at Horizon Way and will also work from south to north.   The contractor expects renourishment to begin most likely on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.
* The contractor handling the beach area on Vanderbilt Beach plans to work from north to south.   The contractor expects renourishment  to begin most likely on Monday, October 14, 2013.

Will there be a need to remove trees or other vegetation to allow the trucks access to the beaches?

Truck haul route changes - any expected?
Not at this time.  Changes will be as needed.

Any agreement expected with Lee County to help pay for law enforcement?
That is yet to be determined.

Will the Vanderbilt turnaround be closed?
The Vanderbilt turnaround will be closed to vehicles, but there will be access for pedestrians along the sidewalk for  the duration of the Beach Renourishment Project which is expected to progress over approximately four months.

Will the Naples Pier be open?
The Naples Pier is not part of the Beach Renourishment area.

Will the Beach Renourishment continue through the Thanksgiving holiday?
No.  The Beach Renourishment will stop for 4 days during Thanksgiving starting on Thanksgiving Day.

Will the Beach Renourishment continue through the Christmas holidays?
No. The Beach Renourishment will be shut down from12/23 to 12/28/13

Will Beach Renourishment continue on Sunday?

Who is in charge of inspecting the trucks?
For the Vanderbilt Beach and Pelican Bay trucks are inspected by the Collier County Sheriff's Office.  For trucks going to the beaches within the City of Naples, inspections are being handled by the City of Naples Police Department.

When are trucks inspected by FDOT?
FDOT certification is done once a year on trucks certifying that they are road worthy.

How are trucks hauling sand to the beach identified?
Trucks hauling sand as part of the Collier County Beach Renourishment Project will display a sign with the name of the company that they are contracted with, which is either Eastman Aggregates for the Vanderbilt and Pelican Bay beaches or Phillips and Jordan for the beaches within the City of Naples.  Trucks that have been inspected by the Collier County Sheriff's Office will also display a white star on the back gate of the truck.

Will sand be placed at Wiggins Beach Park?

How does the renourishment process exactly work?
Trucks hauling sand from Stewart Mining in Immokalee travel to Vanderbilt Beach, first stopping at the staging area that allows for approximately 20 trucks at a time to wait their turn to unload their sand on the beach.  Trucks stop at the check-in area where they provide the tickets they have received at the mine and the tickets and sand are checked to verify items such as the weight and moisture content.  A sample of sand is taken from each truck and matched to the control sample at the site.  Trucks unload one at a time on the beach then exit the beach area.  Separate large beach trucks are used to haul the sand to the various locations along the beach that need renourishment.  Those trucks are loaded with sand by front end loaders.  The sand is then spread out at the various spots along the beach with a bulldozer.

How long are we expecting this renourihsment to last?
The project is expected to progress over the next four months.  Currently the final completion date is considered to be February 22, 2014.

Where does this renourishment project rank in Collier County in terms of money spent?
In 2005 there was a Beach Renourishment dredging project that placed about 664,000 cubic yards of sand on the beaches and cost about $20 million.  For state statistics, would be best to check with Debbie Flack at Florida Beach Preservation (850) 510-5409.

Around what date will the Naples Beach Resort be renourished?
Estimated time is 11/6/2013 lasting about 3 to 4 week.  You can contact the Resort at 239 261-2222 for additional updates as the renourishment moves forward.

When will Lowdermilk Park be renourished?
Renourishment should start approximatly the 1st or 2nd week in November and should be completed by January 23, 2014.

Is it possible the renourishment project will wrap up sooner than originally expected?
Yes, the project is progressing well and we are anticipating it may wrap up around the first of the year (2014).

Why do you think it is going faster than expected?
We attribute the great progress to the fact that staff has done a great deal of plannng, and there has been a tremendous amount of coordination between Stewart Mining, the truck brokers, the Collier County Sheriff's Office, City of Naples Police, City of Naples officials and staff, the contractors and the hoteliers on the beach.  We have streamlined the process as much as possible to get the job done as quickly as possible.  In addition,sand was stockpiled at the mind and was ready to go when the job started so crews have been able to place higher volumes of sand on beaches than if making the sand at same time as delivering it.

Which beaches are currently getting sand (11/8/2013)?
Vanderbilt Beach, Park Shore Beach and 3rd Aven North. 

When do you expect Lowdermilk Park Beach to re-open?
Lawdermilk Park Beach should be open by December 31, 2013.

When will the Pelican Bay beach be renourished and how long will it take?


The renourishment for Pelican Bay beach will start on Monday, January 6, 2014 and last approximately 2 week.