Waterways Management

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PATONS - Private Aids To Navigation
There are over 400 navigation aids in the waters of Collier County. The Coastal Zone Management Department is responsible for maintaining and replacing private aids to navigation in smaller channels that are not maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Manatee Protection
We work cooperatively with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to maintain the Manatee Protection Speed Zone Signs jointly adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and Collier County's Department of Environmental Protection in 1995. We provide interpretations of the County's Manatee Protection Plan for permit reviews and assist with local manatee research.


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Manatee Zone 30 mph in channel slow speed out of channel


Derelict Vessels
We coordinate the removal of derelict vessels throughout the County. We work with local agencies and law enforcement to remove these abandoned vessels before they can become a navigation or environmental hazard.

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To report a derelict vessel or 262-2966.

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Waterways Obstructions
Damaged docks, pilings, and other debris can pose a serious navigation hazard to boaters. We coordinate the removal and temporary marking of these hazards.

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Boater Education
Through the production of the Boating & Angling Guide to Collier County, presentations and installation of educational signage we attempt to promote a safe and environmentally sound use of the waterways of Collier County.


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Content updated Thursday, May 4, 2006