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Code Enforcement FAQs

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  • A House is being built on the lot next to my property; they seem to work into the night. What are the hours allowed to do construction?

  • Can I have deliveries of products to my home that are used for the business?

  • My neighbor has gatherings every other weekend. Who can I call to report the music blasting in the middle of the night?

  • Are garage sale permits approved per person or per address?

  • Can I advertise my home business and place a sign at my home?

  • Can I have a canopy or shade tent on my property and do I have to get a permit for this?

  • Can I have customers come to the home?

  • Can I have employees or volunteers come to my home?

  • Can I leave my furniture or appliances out in the right-of-way to be picked up?

  • Can I leave my garbage can out in the right-of-way on non-pickup day?

  • Can I leave my yard trash in the right-of-way to be picked up?

  • Can I park my boat, boat trailer or camper at my house?

  • Can I park on the grass or on the swale?

  • Can I plant vegetation along the roadside of my property?

  • Can I put a (fence, pipe, landscaping, and structure) in the drainage easement on my property? What do I need to do for permission?

  • Can I put my fence on the property line?

  • Can I run a business from my home in Collier County?

  • Can I sell my car on the corner of my street?

  • Can I sell produce, flowers or other items along roads in Collier County?

  • Can my guests from out of town stay in my motor home located on my property?

  • Can you make a code complaint for short term rental?

  • Do horse or livestock shelter/feeding structures need building permits?

  • Do I have to give out my information when reporting a complaint?

  • Do I need a building permit to install or build a shed on my property?

  • Do I need a permit for a garage sale, lawn sale, and/or other temporary sale on my property?

  • Do I need a permit to add or repair a fence to my property?

  • How do I cancel or reschedule my garage sale?

  • How long is the garage sale permit good for?

  • How much does a garage sale permit cost?

  • I own a vacant lot; can I run a business from there?

  • I plan to hold a sidewalk sale in front of my store. What do I need?

  • I plan to open a business at a building that already has a sign displayed on the wall outside. Can I simply remove the previous tenant's advertisement and insert letters advertising my business?

  • I plan to sell my house. How big can my "for sale" sign be?

  • I use reclaimed water, can I water anytime?

  • If I make something at my home for my business, where can I store my materials?

  • If I purchase a property in Collier County that I later find has code violations that were committed by the previous owner, Am I responsible for the costs to correct them?

  • If I want to clear my vacant property, am I required to obtain a permit?

  • Is an Occupational License all that is needed? (an occupational license is now referred to as a business tax receipt)

  • Is it true that I don’t have to apply for a permit unless the cost of my building is a certain amount?

  • My community would like to hold a collective garage sale. What do we need to submit for our permit?

  • My neighbor mows his lawn at 7:30 am. I work nights and can't sleep when the mower is going. Is there any ordinance that you can enforce to make him mow later in the day?

  • My neighbor sometimes parks the box truck for his landscaping business in his driveway. Is this allowed in my residentially zoned neighborhood?

  • My neighbor's dog barks all day long while they are at work. Can you do anything about that?

  • There's water standing on my property, what will the county do about it?

  • To run a daycare at my home, do I need to obtain a Collier County permit?

  • We live behind a commercial shopping center, the restaurants sometimes have a Live Band or a DJ, are they required to get any type of permit for the music?

  • What do I need to put up a banner in front of my store?

  • What if I don’t get a Garage Sale permit?

  • What if I don’t get a permit before I start work on the addition to my home?

  • What is a Right-Of-Way?

  • What kind of animals can I have in the Estates District?

  • What kind of animals can I keep as pets if I live in a Residential zoned area?

  • When do I need an Occupational License (Business Tax Receipt)?

  • Where can I place my garage sale signs?

  • Where do I obtain a Business Tax Receipt (home occupational license)?

  • Where do I obtain a garage sale permit?

  • Who can I call about flooding caused by a construction site?

  • Why do I have to obtain a garage sale permit?

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Code Enforcement Division

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Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Updated 05/04/2020