Signs placed in the medians or on the side of any roadway

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The Collier County Code Enforcement Division handles complaints in regards to signs placed along the side of roads (right-of-way) and in the medians. The vast majority of these signs are not in compliance with the Land Development Code and Ordinances. 

Right of way signs are any sign placed in the medians or the area along the sides of roadways.  This includes private, public roads and roadway easements. 

We would like to take this opportunity to provide information so that your customer's business funds may be spent wisely. Signs that are in violation of the Code are removed by Collier County Code Enforcement and are discarded.

The following is a brief outline of the Code requirements: 

  • Signs shall not be placed in the County Right-of-Way or any areas on the sides of a road.

  • Signs shall not be attached to traffic or highway signs, telephone or electric poles, or any structure within the County’s Right-of-Way.

  • Signs shall not be placed in the median of a roadway.

A Right-of-Way permit may be obtained for directional signs for a scheduled event only.  

Right of way permits are not issued for advertisement of any business public or private. For more information about obtaining a Right-of-Way permit for directional signs to a scheduled event. Please call (239) 252-2400 or (239) 252-2417 for additional information on Right-a-Way permits.

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Updated 05/04/2020