Thinking about Buying a Home or Investment Property?

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Protect your investment!

  1. Obtain a home inspection
  2. Order a code lien search
  3. Obtain payoff information on outstanding code liens

These three actions can save you thousands of dollars

Property Inspection for Code Violations

Code property inspections look for unpermitted improvements, non-conforming structures, open permits and verify zoning requirements. The inspections can be performed by a Florida licensed contractor or home inspector for either the property owner or prospective buyer.  

The Seller

A property owner considering selling his/her property can arrange for a property inspection to determine whether code violations exist in advance of marketing the property for sale. This allows the seller time to correct any violations to avoid issues arising later with potential buyers.

The Buyer

Upon considering purchase of a property, a buyer should always have a property inspection completed. Most sales contracts allow the buyer a contingency for property inspections. The buyer should assure that his/her inspector inspects for un-permitted improvements, non-conforming structures, zoning appropriate for the structure/intended use, and open permits.

All existing code violations, fines, and liens go with the property and become the responsibility of the new owner when sold.

Property Inspections Review

The number of structures permitted on the property.
If there are any non-conforming structures or uses on the property. 
Any open permits without final inspections. 
Unpermitted additions that have been added to the residence.

Code lien searches

Detailed information on the records of a property, such as fines owed, liens, and unresolved code violation cases are researched when requested.  The property may have open Code Enforcement cases with violations that were never corrected and are accumulating daily fines.  If a property has a lien, it may be difficult to sell, refinance, or borrow against it. Liens are recorded on the property and are the responsibility of the property owner.

Know What You are Buying

In the State of Florida there are thousands of homes being bought and sold every year.

How does a prospective buyer know if the home or property they are buying meets Collier County’s current Florida Building Codes and zoning regulations, or if it has existing code violations, fines, or liens?

New property owners are responsible for correcting code violations, and for paying any fines or lien amounts owed, even when a violation occurred before they purchased the property.

The cost to the new homeowner can be thousands of dollars. The best solution is to work with your Real Estate professional and request a home inspection and lien search before closing.

To request a Code lien search go to:

Click Here for Lien Search/Payoff Request or call (239) 252-2440
Lien Search Fee is $25.00 per property address.

Helpful Phone Numbers:

Code Enforcement 239-252-2440
Business Center 239-252-2400

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Code Enforcement Division

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Phone: (239) 252-2440

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Updated 05/04/2020