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  • Affordable Housing

  • Apartment Guide

  • Area Agency on Aging of Southwest Florida Inc.

  • Can you assist me with my rent/mortgage payment?

  • Can you provide assistance with cremation?

  • Can you provide me with food stamps?

  • Consolidated Plan

  • Do you help with prescriptions?

  • Do you provide any sort of cash assistance?

  • Financial Assistance

  • Housing Finance Authority

  • How are services funded for Collier County Services for Seniors?

  • I live outside of Florida and I would like to know about resources available for my elderly parents who live in Southwest Florida.

  • Medicaid

  • My elderly parent/friend is no longer capable of living alone. What are some of the housing options and how do I find them?

  • Services for Seniors

  • Should I make an appointment for Collier County Social Services?

  • What are the requirements for receiving services from Collier County Services for Seniors?