Strategic Plan

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Community and Human Services Department Mission Statement

PURPOSE: To serve Collier County’s very low, low and moderate income residents, including the senior population by providing access to health care, developing volunteer services with retirees, assisting with affordable homeownership and other housing opportunities, maintaining safe and decent housing and independent living for seniors, utilizing federal and state grants to build safe, livable and healthy communities and to meet the local government mandates of human services in Collier County.

STRATEGY: Through strong BCC support leverage local assets and identify new and existing local, state, and federal resources to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of human service programming through public/private partnerships. Use volunteers to provide levels of services at minimal cost to taxpayers with professional staff that are knowledgeable of resources.

VALUE: A responsive, caring local government that provides for dignity among our most vulnerable citizens, recognizing the value of all citizens and values the experience and knowledge of retirees in the community.

STANDARDS: Respectful of staff and customers, maintaining confidentiality and standards of excellence. Close monitoring of taxpayers funds to ensure high levels of service and accountability to the taxpayer. Quality outcomes as measured through performance standards.

CHARACTER: professional, integrity, compassionate, responsible, responsive, personal, efficient, promotes self-sufficiency, interdependence.