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RSVP Highlights:

Winning with Impact Programs
How does what you do as a volunteer make a difference in your community?

This is the question that RSVP programs throughout the nation are being asked to address. We must now report not only the numbers of volunteers and the hours they serve, but also the impact that RSVP volunteers make in our community.

Reading & Tutoring
The reading and tutoring programs in the schools was the focus for this past year's "Program of Impact". We first documented a need and with the help of 125 volunteers, we faced the challenges and have proven the success of these programs. Increasing the level of reading and comprehension for the students and winning the JC Penney Award and the Partners in Education Award for our volunteer efforts. We now are taking the next step and adding more 'impact programs" to track for the next fiscal year.

The Impact of Your Help
RSVP volunteers serve in many areas that impact the lives of others. Delivering meals to the homebound, building homes for the needy, caring for those less fortunate, working in the thrift stores to raise funds that help programs throughout our area, sewing fit items for hospital patients, ecology projects, public safety, etc.

Come join the Tai Chi program. Watch this to see what you are missing:


We had a great time at the 2015 Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon:


Volunteers Do Make A Difference - See for yourself - email: