Program Services

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Medical Assistance
This service provides for assistance with hospital and physician's bills, which have been incurred in the last 30 days and which are for emergency or critical care.

This service provides assistance with medications prescribed by a physician to individuals at 150% poverty level or below, and assistance for elders and individuals considered disabled on Social Security who are 150% poverty level and below.

Temporary Shelter Assistance
This service provides short-term rental assistance for individuals with no income, who are temporarily disabled, where eviction is imminent and have been denied services from other Collier County agencies.

Nursing Home / Hospital Care
Mandated by Florida Statute, this service provides payment for Collier County residents living in skilled nursing homes who are Medicaid recipients as determined by the Department of Children and Families. The payment is $55 per month. In addition, this service provides payment for Collier County citizens who receive Medicaid benefits and who are hospitalized. This service pays 35% of the per diem rate for the 11th through 45th days of the individual's stay.

Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA)
Mandated by Florida statute, this service provides for payment to hospitals where indigent residents of Collier County who are treated at another hospital in the state. The treating hospital must apply for assistance to determine eligibility.

Burial and Cremation
Mandated by Florida Statute this service is provided to deceased Collier County residents who have no other resources to pay for arrangements. This service includes burial at Lake Trafford Cemetery.

Child Protection Services
Mandated, by Florida Statute, this service provides payment for the initial examination of children who have been abused or where abuse is suspected. This service is provided by a contract with the Child Protection Team.