Who is Eligible?

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In order to receive support, the resident must not be eligible for other assistance programs. Case managers will assist you in determining eligibility for other programs.

Cosmetic and elective surgeries are not covered. Life threatening medical conditions or conditions that impose an undue hardship substantiated by a licensed physician are the number one priority.

In order to be considered a Collier County resident, a person must have living arrangements in the county that the person considers to be his or her home. It is the responsibility of the person applying for assistance or the guardian of such person to provide documentation of Collier County residency.

An item from the following list must be provided as documentation of residency.

Receipt of mortgage or rental payment or letter from a landlord.(Motel receipt not acceptable).

  • Valid drivers license with Collier County address.
  • Proof of home ownership within Collier County.
  • Homestead exemption document.
  • Public utility bill in name of applicant or spouse with Collier County address.
  • Collier County voter registration card.
  • Proof of enrollment of applicant's children in school in Collier County.
  • Residency documented through a social service agency's or another county department's case record.
  • Cancelled mail from a federal, state, or county agency addressed to the applicant or spouse at a local address.
  • Written verification from a community agency.
  • Verification from Post Office of mail received at an address in Collier County by applicant or spouse (P.O. Box is not acceptable).
  • Declaration of Domicile recorded with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Collier County.