Rural Lands Stewardship Area 5 Year Review

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The Collier County Growth Management Plan (FLUE RLSA 1.22) requires a five-year review of the Rural Lands Stewardship Area (RLSA) Overlay to assess the participation in and effectiveness of the Overlay in meeting the goals, objectives and policies set forth in the Future Land Use Element of the Growth Management Plan (GMP). The review was comprised of two phases, the first being a technical report by staff prior to any public participation, which was subsequently reviewed by the Rural Lands Stewardship Area Review Committee. The second phase took a broader approach to reviewing the RLSA program. The committee evaluated and recommended policies to strengthen and more effectively meet the policy goals in the GMP. The Committee reported its findings to the BCC in April 2009.


The RLSA Overlay was designed to be a long-term strategic plan with a planning horizon Year of 2025. Many of the tools, techniques and strategies of the Overlay were new, Innovative and incentive based. A comprehensive review of the Overlay was prepared for and reviewed by Collier County and the Department of Community Affairs upon the five-year anniversary of the adoption of the Stewardship District in the LDC. Elements of the five-year review included:

1. Identify the amount of land designated as Flowway Stewardship Areas (FSA), Habitat Stewardship Areas (HAS), Water Retention Areas (WRA) and other Stewardship Sending Areas (SSA).

2. The amount and location of land designated as Stewardship Receiving Areas (SRA).

3. The number of Stewardship Credits generated, assigned or held for future use.

4. A comparison of the amount, location and type of Agriculture that existed at the time of study and time of review.

5. The amount, location and type of land converted to non-agricultural use with and without participation in the Stewardship Credit System since its adoption.

6. The extent and use of funding provided by Collier County and other sources of Local, State, Federal and private revenues described in Policy 1.18.

7. The amount, location and type of restoration through participation in the Stewardship Credit System since its adoption.

8. The potential for use of Credits in urban areas.

BCC Approved Resolution 2007-305A  - 6/2007

Rural Lands Stewardship Area Review Committee members
Public participation in the five year review

Executive Summary REVISED




Phase II Report- Review of the Rural Lands Stewardship Area Overlay

Phase II Report- Conceptual Plans

VOLUME 2 - Appendices/Supporting Documents




ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION (CHRONOLOGICAL): Some documents are rather large and may take a few minutes to open:

RLSA 2007 Growth Management Plan

RLSA 2007 Land Development Code

Florida 2060-Report-Final - 8/2006

RLSA Review - BCC Approved Resolution 2007-173 - 6/2007

Project Management Plan for RLSA 5-year Review - 7/2007 

Committee Schedule - 11/2007

Committee PowerPoint Presentation - 11/2007 

RLSA Review Committee Presentation - 12/4/2007 

DCA RLSA 2007 Report to Legislature - 12/2007 

Technical Review Final Report 2-13-08 - 2/2008 

Review of Rural Lands Stewardship Area Overlay Draft Working Paper - 5/2008 

Economic Benefits of Preservation Natural & Ag Lands - 6/2008

Staff Report to CCPC for meeting - 12/2008 

How Much is Enough (PDF of PPT from CCPC – 2/2009 

Eastern Collier Water Resource Availability- Johnson Engineering to T. Jones (12Mar09 Committee Mtg) - 3/2009

Report to BCC, Transcript - 4/2009

Summary Transcript of BCC actions - 4/2009

5 Year Review Committee Completion Letter - 6/2009

Technical Review of Panther Protection - 10/2009

Panther (Power Point) Preservation by Darrell Land

DCA Draft RLSA Rule


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