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Conservation Collier, the County’s conservation land acquisition and management program, would like to take this opportunity to highlight its partnership with the Boy Scouts of America and give recognition and thanks to the many Eagle Scout candidates who have built valuable enhancements for visitors on Conservation Collier lands for their Eagle Scout Project!  Some of the many projects done include building picnic tables, benches, gates, campsites, interpretive signage, a kiosk, bat boxes, hitching posts, mounting steps, and resting areas.

Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank a Boy Scout can achieve, with the most challenging requirements, and must be done before the Scout reaches the age of 18.  Originally conceived of as a merit badge in 1911, the Eagle Scout badge was meant to be awarded to any Scout who achieved the rank of First Class Scout (the highest rank of the day) and who had earned 21 merit badges.  The first Eagle Scout medal was awarded in 1912.  Since then, over 2.2 million Scouts have earned the award.  That is quite a few but still only 2% of all Boy Scouts!

To earn the rank, a Boy Scout must:

  • progress through 5 other ranks,
  • earn 21 merit badges,
  • serve six months in a troop leadership   position,
  • plan, develop and lead a service   project for any religious community, school or             community,                                                    
  • take part in a scouting conference,  and
  • successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review. 

Some famous Eagle Scouts include Neil Armstrong (US Astronaut, first man on the moon), Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City), Gerald Ford (38th US President), Rick Perry (Governor of Texas), James Lovell (former US Navy officer and Apollo 13 commander), John Tesh (recording artist and performer), and many others holding positions of authority and power in the US.   We are proud of the exceptional young men who have chosen to serve the community through Conservation Collier and wanted our readers to be aware of the enhancements Eagle Scouts have provided to their conservation lands!  For future projects, Scouts can contact the Program at 239-252-2961.

Below are photos of the great projects done by Eagle Scouts on your Conservation Collier Preserves!

 Devin Peck-Caracara Prairie-2014 Eddie Larsen-Pepper Ranch 2014 
 Luke Weisbecker-Pepper Ranch 2015  Nick Rowe-Cocohatchee Creek 2015
 Reems Landreth-Rivers Road/Red Root 2015  Thomas Birch-Pepper Ranch 2013
 Richard Guthrie-Pepper Ranch 2013  Daniel Cox-Pepper Ranch 2012
 Nick McNamara-Caracara Prairie 2012  Rolph Anthony-Pepper Ranch 2010
 Tom Zelesnik-Pepper Ranch 2012  Trey Blackmon-Nancy Payton Preserve 2013
 Tyler Carlson-Cocohatchee Creek 2013


Eagle Scouts!


Thank you!!!