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Rules and Authorization Form


Geocaching and other forms of GIS-based activities are great ways to explore and get to know your Conservation Collier Preserves.  This type of activity is welcomed and at the same time must be done within guidelines in order to be safe for all and to protect the plants and wildlife.  After reviewing many other agency rules, Conservation Collier has proposed and the Board of County Commissioners has approved the following rules for GIS-based Activities on Conservation Collier Preserves.    Geocachers must fill out a no-charge Authorization Form and obtain the approval of the Preserve Manager at the Preserve where they wish to place the cache. Please click the link to the electronic Authorization Request Form below and we will contact you and direct you to the appropriate Preserve Manager.  Please do not hesitate to call us at (239) 252-2961 or e-mail us at if you have questions .


GIS-based Activities Rules:

  • Letterbox/cache containers larger than 3 cubic inches must be made of clear, non-breakable material.
  • Letterbox/ cache containers are limited to a maximum of 1 cubic foot in size.
  • No hazardous materials, including but not limited to explosives, fireworks, ammo, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), drugs, alcohol or other illicit materials, are to be placed on preserve lands.
  • Letterbox/cache containers must have a latch or other closing device to prevent exposure to wildlife.
  • No food items or items having an odor may be included in caches.
  • Letterboxes/caches must be placed within close proximity to an existing trail.
  • No soil disturbance and no alteration of or attachment to native vegetation shall be permitted.
  • Preserve access hours shall be honored.
  • Letterbox/cache owners are responsible for placement and care of letterboxes and caches.
  • Letterbox and cache authorization is valid 1 year from approval. After that time, GIS Activities Authorization Forms must be resubmitted and new approval obtained.
  • If letterbox/cache is relocated, a new GIS Activities Authorization Form must be submitted and a new approval obtained.
  • Staff has the right to move or remove my letterbox/cache placement if staff determines the preserved property is being harmed or the cached materials appear harmful or illegal.
  • If unauthorized letterboxes/caches are removed and staff has no contact information for the owner, they will be kept by Conservation Collier for 30 days, at which time if not claimed, they will be disposed of. Any materials determined to be harmful may be disposed of immediately and contraband materials will be reported to law enforcement officials.
  • Letterbox/cache owners are responsible to be aware of all GIS activities rules.
  • Conservation Collier Program and its staff will not be responsible for damage to a letterbox/cache or its contents due to any management activity which may include, but is not limited to, prescribed burning roller-chopping, shredding, mowing, flooding, herbicide application.

GIS activity participants are encouraged to visit the, and websites to learn more about local and international rules for geocaching. The Leave no Trace website website also provides helpful principles for planning safe and environmentally respectful outdoor recreational activities.

When posting caches on the Internet, please say "Permission granted by Conservation Collier."

Geocaching Authorization Form

Contact Information:
Conservation Collier Program Staff - 239-252-2961
3301 Tamiami Trail E, Building W
Naples, FL 34112