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The citizens of Collier County, through the Conservation Collier Program, own 4,090 acres in 19 different locations.   Twelve locations listed below are currently open to the public.  Program staff are working to make the majority of lands accessible to the public, with two preserves designated for resource protection due to lack of safe physical access.  Conservation Collier is an integral component of the community planning and growth management strategies working in Collier County to preserve native habitat and species and to protect quality of life for citizens and visitors. 

If you have a group that would like to use a preserve routinely, such as for a class or organized meeting, or you would like to conduct ecotours on preserve lands, please contact us in advance to discuss particulars.  Thank you! 

Many of Conservation Collier Preserves are closed due to damage from Hurricane Irma.  We have a massive amount of clean-up to do ensure each preserve and trail are safe for public use. Many of our preserves have substantial flooding as well. Please be patient as we will try to get them cleaned up as soon as possible.  Please check this page and our follow our Facebook page for updates on when each preserve is declared safe and ready for use!

We invite you to learn more about the lands that you own:

  • Alligator Flag Preserve (Open)  -hiking, nature photography, dogs on leash permitted. No parking  lot, access via bike trail.
  • Cocohatchee Creek Preserve (Open) -  Parking, nearby restrooms, walking, biking, dogs on leash permitted.
  • Camp Keais Strand Project -(designated for resource protection) 
  • Caracara Prairie Preserve (temporarily closed to the public) - No restrooms, parking at CREW Cypress Dome trailhead (port-a-potty located at CREW trailhead), hiking, mountain biking, nature photography, hunting (FWC sponsored),  nature photography, no dogs allowed
  • Freedom Park (Open) - Visitor Center, restrooms, water fountain, interpretive signage, walking trails (ADA), biking (on trails only, not boardwalk), dogs on leash (on trails only, not boardwalk), nature photography, fishing (catch and release, with license) 
  • Gordon River Greenway Preserve (Open) - Restrooms, playground, interpretive signage, walking trails (ADA), biking, dogs on leash, nature photography,
  • Logan Woods Preserve (Open) - No restrooms, picnic table and benches, walking trail, biking, nature photography, dogs on leash 
  • McIlvane Marsh Project (currently closed to the public)
  • Nancy Payton Preserve (Open) - Parking (non-ADA), no restrooms, hiking trails, mountain biking, interpretive signage, benches and picnic table, bird watching, horseback riding, dogs on leash
  • Otter Mound Preserve (Open) - Mulched walking trail (ADA portion), parking (ADA), no restrooms, bird watching, dogs on leash
  • Panther Walk Preserve (Open) - parking along roadside, seasonal hiking trail (non-ADA), wetland education, no dogs
  • Pepper Ranch Preserve  Closed for the wet season. Open November- June Fridays and non-hunt or holiday weekends.  Parking, Visitor Center, restrooms & showers, camping (individual tent and group tent), hiking trails (non-ADA), hunting program, mountain biking trails, nature observation and photography, horseback riding, benches and tables, interpretive signage, no dogs.
  • Railhead Scrub Preserve (currently closed to the public)
  • Red Maple Swamp Preserve (currently closed to the public)
  • Redroot Preserve (Open) - Parking along roadside, no restroom, walking trails (non-ADA), nature observation, horseback riding, benches, dogs on leash
  • Rivers Road Preserve (Open)  Driving directions, Map of Hiking Trails - Parking (non-ADA), no restroom, tables and benches, hiking trails (non-ADA), nature observation, dogs on leash
  • Shell Island Preserve (designated for resource protection) 
  • Wet Woods Preserve (currently closed to the public)
  • Winchester Head Preserve (currently closed to the public)