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Rivers Road Preserve

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East Trail Rivers Road     Rivers Road Bench  

Address / Location: The Rivers Road Preserve property is located approximately 2.5 miles east of Collier Boulevard.   The address is 2021 Rivers Road Naples, FL.  Driving Directions Map  Hiking Trail Map

Manager Contact Information: Christal Segura  e-mail:                               phone: (239) 252-2495

Preserve Size: 76.74 acres

Date Acquired:  The first 62.98 acres were purchased in December 2008, followed by an additional 13.76 acres in 2010

Cost of Acquisition: $355,605

Printed Materials:
River's Road Preserve Final Management Plan

River's Road Picnic Area   The Rivers Preserve offers a nice shady picnic area built buy a local Eagle Scout! He also built several nice benches placed along the hiking trail. There are no bathroom facilities on site. Please pack in and pack out your trash. 


Plants and Wildlife: 

The 76.74 acre preserve is a combination of Cabbage Palm, Inland Ponds and Sloughs, Mixed Wetland Hardwoods, Cypress, Pine Flatwoods, Mixed Wetland Forests and Freshwater Marsh.  The preserve also contains an outstanding example of pop ash swamps and several wetlands.  One hundred sixty-two vascular plant species were recorded on the preserve and 36 (22%) of these plants are indicated as not native to our area (Appendix 2).  All invasive exotic plants will require removal and maintenance.  The canopy is dominated by slash pine trees (Pinus elliottii), cabbage palms (Sabal palmetto), scattered cypress (Taxodium ascendens) in the upland areas.  Willow (Saliz caroliniana), pop ash (Fraximus caroliniana) and red maple (Acer rubrum) can be found in the wetland areas.  The midstory contains areas of ragweed (Ambrosia sp.), dogfennel (Eupatorium capillifolium), sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense), saw palmetto (Serenoa repens), American beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) and myrsine (Rapanea punctata).  The groundcover is a combination of ferns such as bracken fern (Pteridnum aquilimum), swamp fern (Blechmaum serrulatum), chain fern (Woodwardia virginica), alligator flag (Thalia geniculata) and sagittaria (Sagittaria lancifolia), amongst other groundcovers common in Pine/Cabbage Palm communities and freshwater marsh communities.  Ephiphytes and vines have been observed throughout the preserve.  Listed plant species include common wild pine (Tillandsia fasciulata), hand fern (Ophioglossum palmatum) and reflexed (inflated) wild pine (Tillandsia balbisiana).

Mammal species known to occur or individuals and/or evidence of activity directly observed within the preserve include the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), Florida black bear (Ursus americanus floridanus), and wild feral hogs (Sus scrofa).  Numerous Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) telemetry points and photo accounts have been recorded in the area and one point was recorded approximately 1/3 mile from the preserve.  There are anecdotal reports of panthers on the southern portion of the preserve. There is a wildlife underpass under Immokalee Road north of the preserve that provides access through the Twin Eagles subdivision to over 60,000 acres of conservation lands, including state-owned lands, Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp and the Corkscrew Ecosystem Lands.  


Reason for Acquisition: The Rivers Road Preserve was acquired to protect natural lands along a developing corridor in Collier County - Immokalee Road. Additionally, the preserve was intended to provide ecosystem services such as the protection of water resources, flood control, maintenance of nutrient cycles, preservation of biological diversity, carbon sequestration, and recreational/educational opportunities for citizens and visitors.