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Current Program Status:


Bargain Sales / Donations:

  • Conservation Collier Application - For Bargain Sales or Donations Only.                                                                                                                                                                               _____________________________________________________________________________                                   

Miscellaneous Reports:


Annual Reports:


 Preserves Open for Public Use:

    * The Pepper Ranch Preserve will be open for public visitation on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays  on non-hunt weekends between November and the end of June annually.   See the home page for open dates.  Please contact staff at (239) 252-2961 for directions and additional information

If you wish to visit any of the other Conservation Collier properties, please contact staff at (239) 252-2961 to discuss arrangements.


 Property Reports (a.k.a. Initial Criteria Screening Reports).  The Cycle link allows you browse the property reports as developed before the end-of-year ranking meeting.  Directly next to each Cycle link below is a link to the Active Acquisition List (AAL) that resulted.   B-List properties from the previous cycle were carried forward into the following Cycle unless owners withdrew them. 





  • Conservation Collier Ordinance 2002-63
  • Exceptional Benefits Ordinance 2006-58
  • Revised Conservation Collier Ordinance 2007-65
  • Amendment to Conservation Collier Ordinance 2011-12 
  • Preserve Use Ordinance 2011-38
  • Role of Land Acquisition Advisory Committee 2014-18
  • Conservation Collier Ordinance REvision - Reducing members and quorum requirements - 2015-16
  • Conservation Collier Ordinance - Several Revisions 2019-03
  • 2003-195 (Purchase Policy)
  • 2003-196 (Target Protection Areas Mailing Strategy)
  • 2004-175 (Target Protection Areas Mailing Strategy Second Selection Cycle)
  • 2005-162 (Target Protection Areas Mailing Strategy Third Selection Cycle)
  • 2006-122 (Target Protection Areas Mailing Strategy Fourth Selection Cycle)
  • 2007-*** (Target Protection Areas Mailing Strategy Fifth Selection Cycle)
  • 2007-300 (Revised Purchase Policy)
  • 2010-213 (Off-site Preserves Donation Acceptance Policy)
  • 2011-86 (Adopting a Policy and Fee Schedule to Govern the Operation of the Caracara Prairie Preserve Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site
  • 2016-245 (Amended Fee Policy)
  • 2018-135 (Amended/Revised Fee Policy)


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