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County Attorney's Office

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Jeffrey A. Klatzkow, County Attorney

County AttorneyThe County Attorney works directly for the Collier County Board of County Commissioners. It is the job of the County Attorney and his staff to represent the County in litigation cases filed by and against the County; to research, draft and provide legal review of ordinances, resolutions, agreements, contracts, and all other legally binding documents provided to the BCC for review; to attend meetings and workshops of the BCC and County staff; and to anticipate and facilitate in solving legal problems for the BCC and County staff.

The County Attorney answers to and advises each of the five County Commissioners directly as individual Commissioners, and the BCC as a whole. The Assistant County Attorneys have various areas of responsibility within the County structure such as litigation filed by and against the County, real property, land use, utilities, purchasing and transportation. All legally binding documents, including, but not limited to, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, etc., which are to be signed by the Chairman of the BCC on behalf of the County, must be reviewed and approved for form and legal sufficiency by the County Attorney’s office prior to action by the BCC.

In addition to the above, the County Attorney’s office is called upon to respond to questions from the public, media, private attorneys, constitutional officers, municipal employees, employees of the State and employees from other counties with reference to every aspect of Collier County government and actions taken by the BCC and County staff. The County Attorney’s office, however, does not provide legal advice to private individuals on private matters.

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Naples,  FL  34112-5749
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