Capital Project Updates

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Last Updated: July 26, 2019

Projects Listed

Immokalee Main Street: Pedestrian Safety

Location: Immokalee
Project Status: Construction

FDOT will be improving pedestrian safety along the Main Street Corridor between 1st and 9th Street. Immokalee MSTU will be providing funds to add banner arms and lights to the new light poles.

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Thomasson Drive Beautification Project

Location: Bayshore
Project Status: Procurement/Construction

Construction of roundabout at Thomasson Drive and Bayshore Drive, plus additional beautification along Thomasson including decorative streetlighting and landscaping.

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Bayshore Drive Community Parking Lot

Location: Bayshore
Project Status: Design

The objective is to provide 37 service parking spaces to serve the community. Design includes electric charging station, wayfinding, and dedicated Uber and Lyft spaces.

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Clam Pass Bathymetric Survey

Location: Clam Pass
Project Status: Completed

Bathymetric survey of Clam Pass one year post dredge. The survey data and tidal monitoring data indicate good conditions of inlet stability and hydraulic efficiency.

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Pelican Bay Sidewalk Improvements

Location: Pelican Bay
Project Status: Survey Phase

Pelican Bay Services Division (PBSD) is planning to take over maintenance of the sidewalks in Pelican Bay and embarking on an improvement project to widen and replace the existing asphalt sidewalks with concrete sidewalks.

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Paradise Coast Sportsplex

Location: City Gate
Project Status: Phase I Construction

Progress continues with the development of our Paradise Coast Sportsplex in eastern Collier County. We are seeing dirt moved and the final designs taking their final form. We are also finalizing our agreement with Sports Fields Inc., who will manage the day-to-day operations of the new facility and assist the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) Sports Management team in marketing the new facility to event promoters for future events. The build out of the new complex is a multi-year project, so we will continue to utilize the early completed fields at the new complex with some of the North Collier Regional Park fields.

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Arts and Culture Strategic Plan

Location: All of Collier County
Project Status: Ongoing

Collier County is embarking upon the development of an arts and culture strategic plan for the community. The purpose of the plan is to document, capitalize, support and enhance the county’s creative sector in order to maximize its benefits to all members of our community. The County is seeking diverse community leaders to guide the planning effort. The plan will address a full range of arts and cultural activities, funding, cultural leadership, and more. The plan will be based on significant arts, cultural, and creative sector research and the vision and aspirations of residents throughout the county.

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EMS Station Hacienda Lakes

Location: Hacienda Lakes
Project Status: Future

Future EMS station.

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Arthrex Administration Building

Location: 1250 Creekside Parkway
Project Status: Site Inspection

New construction of a six-story office building with six-level parking garage and associated site development.

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Goodland Drive

Location: Goodland
Project Status: Design

The objective is to raise the profile of existing roadway and add drainage crossings for mangrove forest restoration. Target construction start date is February 2020.

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Golden Gate Boulevard

Location: Golden Gate
Project Status: Design/Build

Widening of Golden Gate Boulevard from west of 20th Street E to east of Everglades Boulevard from two to four lanes. The scope includes bridge work over the Miller Canal, as well as construction of stormwater management facilities along the roadway to the Faka Union Canal. The project is on track and within budget.

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Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension

Location: Golden Gate
Project Status: Design

Widening and 7-mile extension of Vanderbilt Beach Road from Collier Blvd to 16th St NE. Currently finalizing alignment of the new roadway. Project includes new roadway and intersections at Wilson Boulevard, 8th Street N.E. and 16th Street N.E. and a new traffic signal at the Vanderbilt Beach Road/Wilson Boulevard intersection. This project receives $74 million in surtax funds.

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Pine Ridge Road at Logan and Airport Road - Intersection Improvements

Location: Naples
Project Status: Construction

Pine Ridge Road at Logan Blvd eastbound merge lane extended for approximately 2,000 feet and created dual westbound left turn lanes. Pine Ridge Road at Airport Road westbound left turn lane extended by approximately 300 feet. New lanes are available to the public.

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Emergency Generators LDC Amendment

Location: N/A
Project Status: Approved by Board of County Commissioners

Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved (Land Development Code) LDC Amendment to allow emergency generators to be attached or detached from home with certain conditions preventing setback issues in order to improve hurricane preparedness.

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Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park - Phase II

Location: Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park
Project Status: Design

Design underway for new regional park with community center and athletic fields.

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Library Expanded Hours

Location: Collier County Public Library Locations
Project Status: Current

Expanded hours for Collier County Public Library (CCPL) is a long-standing request of many residents looking to attend more library programs and check out library materials.

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Vanderbilt Waterway Dredging

Location: Vanderbilt Waterway
Project Status: Procurement/Ready for Bids

New MSTU established to dredge Vanderbilt Waterway.

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US 41 Transit Bus Stop Enhancements

Location: US 41
Project Status: Notice to Proceed Issued

Installation of new bus shelters according to highest ridership.

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95th Avenue North Utility Renewal

Location: 95th Avenue North, Naples Park
Project Status: Construction

The 95th Avenue Public Utility Renewal project has recently reached the halfway mark of completion for the sanitary sewer and stormwater portions. The potable water main was replaced in the beginning of the year as concerns over the aging asbestos concrete main became apparent. The contractor, D N Higgins, is working quickly, while still maintaining the high level of quality and customer care that Collier County expects from Public Utility Renewal projects. The project is phased in a way that lessens the impact to the neighborhood, and the resident’s feedback is positive towards the changes relative to 107th and 110th Avenues.

The project is part of a larger initiative to update the potable water and sanitary sewer infrastructure and create a comprehensive stormwater management system throughout Naples Park to alleviate ongoing flooding concerns and improve water quality. This project posts updates every week on

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Vanderbilt Drive Cul-de-sacs

Location: Vanderbilt Drive between Vanderbilt Beach Road and 111th Avenue North and all 14 cul-de-sacs west of Vanderbilt Drive
Project Status: Construction - Final Two Phases

New water main and connection services. Remove old asbestos water main, new gravity sewer and cleanouts, remove old clay sewer pipe, remove and replace stormwater pipes, and renew ditches. This project posts updates every week on

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US 41 North Water Main Replacement - Phase II

Location: US 41 Between 91st Avenue North and 111th Avenue North
Project Status: Agenda for Board of County Commissioners Meeting - September 10, 2019

Install new 8-inch water main to replace the old cast iron water main. Relocation of sewer laterals to the side avenues.

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